Can I use flexible pipe for exhaust?

Can I use flexible pipe for exhaust?

Can I use flexible pipe for exhaust?

Here is an example of what a damaged flex pipe and a new one look like: Occasionally customers will ask do i really need this piece and the answer is YES you do! Not having a flex pipe installed can cause serious damage to your exhaust system such as breaking bolts, flanges, and even the exhaust manifold itself.

Does flex pipe affect sound?

If there’s a crack in your flex pipe, it will cause an excessively noisy engine. Your pipe might be producing a hissing or tapping sound that can get louder when the generator speed is increased.

How far can flex pipe bend?

An 8′ section of 4″ flexible pvc pipe can be bent to about 90 degrees by hand, more with some determination and power equipment. The 6″ by 8′ section can go to about 45degrees by hand, and 90 degrees with power equipment.

What is exhaust Flexi?

What is an Exhaust Flexi? They reduce the weight and vibration being transferred back up through your headers or turbo setup, this weight and vibration is created from the length of exhaust systems. If your exhaust is well mounted and supported then you will have less chance of issues.

How long will flexible exhaust pipe last?

As a rough rule of thumb, however, a typical life expectancy of a premium aftermarket exhaust system should be in the neighborhood of two to three years depending on driving habits and the previously mentioned factors. Read on to learn why the exhaust system can wear out.

Does flexible exhaust pipe last?

Long term it seems to tend to not last as long as solid pipe. Short term, quick and easy. The corrugations in it will play hell with air flow, but we don’t have race motors, I doubt and SV would really notice or care unless you put LOTS of flex tube in and made it really small ID.

What are signs of a bad flex pipe?

Usually a bad or failing exhaust pipe or tube will produce a few symptoms that can alert the driver of a potential issue.

  • Excessively loud exhaust making hissing sounds.
  • Smell of raw gasoline from exhaust.
  • Decrease in power, acceleration, and fuel efficiency.
  • Hanging or dragging exhaust pipe.

Can you drive with a bad flex pipe?

Can You Drive with a Bad Flex Pipe? Yes, you technically can, but that doesn’t mean you should. A cracked or leaky pipe not only makes driving harder but it may also damage other parts of the vehicle.

Is flex pipe bendable?

Flex pipe offers significant flexibility versus PVC pipe and is easier to install, handle, bend and manipulate. Due to the flex pipe’s greater flexibility it uses fewer fittings to complete jobs when compared to rigid PVC pipe.

How much is a exhaust flex pipe?

As we were able to find multiple quotes online, we found the average price seemed to be in the $115 to $275 range at a local muffler shop if you were to repair a section of it; however, if you were to replace the entire flex pipe, then the costs could range from $400 to more than $1,000 at a local car dealership if the …

Is flexible exhaust pipe durable?

Rust Resistant Some of the higher grades of flexible exhaust piping are extremely rust resistant, making them good options for a variety of projects that will stay attached to a vehicle for a long time. Look for “salt water resistant” pipes for boats or marine vehicles.

Is flex pipe exhaust bad?

At first glance, the flex pipe doesn’t seem special aside from being more flexible than other pipes in the exhaust system. But like any other exhaust part, it contributes a lot to how well your ride performs on the road. When a flex pipe wears out or breaks down, it can cause serious problems for your vehicle.