Can Matlab function have multiple outputs?

Can Matlab function have multiple outputs?

Can Matlab function have multiple outputs?

Usually, when you use function, you put the result into some variable, named what you want. As you can see, ans is still there, but now we have fred too. However, if you read the help for max, you will find that it has TWO outputs that it can return.

How do I display two outputs in Matlab?

Displaying multiple Outputs?

  1. function [YPV,YPDV,YPR,YPDR,NPV,NPDV,NPR,NPDR] = turning_maneuver(L,B,T,C,U,S,t,time)
  2. YPV = -pi*(T/L)^2*(1+0.4*C*(B/T))
  3. YPDV = -pi*(T/L)^2*(1+0.16*C*(B/T)-5.1*(B/L)^2)
  4. YPR = -pi*(T/L)^2*(-0.5+2.2*(B/L)-0.08*(B/T))
  5. YPDR = -pi*(T/L)^2*(0.67*(B/L)-0.0033*(B/T)^2)

How many outputs can a function have Matlab?

You cannot pass more than one (1) argument out of a function that is used in the MATLAB FCN block. If you need to pass more than one variable out of a function, you will have to concatenate all variables into one vector, and pass that vector out of the function.

How do you take multiple inputs in Matlab?

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  1. If the values are all of the same numeric type, the user can enter them with [] around the list.
  2. If the values are not all the same type, or are string type, then the user can enter a cell array.

Can an input have multiple outputs?

If a graph shows two or more intersections with a vertical line, then an input (x-coordinate) can have more than one output (y-coordinate), and y is not a function of x.

Can a block have more than one output?

The block can have two or more output ports and one input port.

Can a function have multiple outputs?

Multiple-number output A multivariable function is just a function whose input and/or output is made up of multiple numbers. In contrast, a function with single-number inputs and a single-number outputs is called a single-variable function.

How do you display something in Matlab?

MATLAB calls the display function to show information about an intermediate result, such as the values, size, type, and variable name. To show the value of a variable or to show program output in the command window, use the disp function.

How do I store multiple values in MATLAB?

Storing multiple values of output in one variable

  1. Editor window:
  2. function f = filename(x)
  3. y = x;
  4. p = 1:10;
  5. % y = desired output;
  6. % x = initial guess;
  7. % p = input parameter;
  8. for i =1:1:10;

Can a function have two outputs Python?

Python functions can return multiple variables. These variables can be stored in variables directly. A function is not required to return a variable, it can return zero, one, two or more variables. This is a unique property of Python, other programming languages such as C++ or Java do not support this by default.

Which block has one input and two outputs lines?

A 1-to-2 demultiplexer consists of one input line, two output lines and one select line. The signal on the select line helps to switch the input to one of the two outputs. The figure below shows the block diagram of a 1-to-2 demultiplexer with additional enable input.