Can police officers take a career break?

Can police officers take a career break?

Can police officers take a career break?

Principles • Officers are not required to resign to take a career break and, therefore, remain subject to the Police (Conduct) Regulations 2004 throughout the career break period. Officers may be required to attend court in a work capacity whilst on a career break.

How much does a Met police Constable earn?

The average Metropolitan Police Service salary ranges from approximately £31,923 per year for a PCSO to £77,433 per year for a Police Inspector. Metropolitan Police Service employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 3.2/5 stars.

How much paternity leave do police officers get?

3.1. 2 What is the entitlement? Officers who are eligible are able to take two weeks statutory paternity leave. Paternity leave must be taken in a single block and officers can elect to take one or two whole weeks off anytime up to 56 days after the date of the birth.

Can police take paternity leave?

Paternity leave is known in the Police Service as Ordinary & Additional Maternity Support Leave or Ordinary & Additional Adoption Support Leave. An officer can take Ordinary Maternity or Adoption Support Leave in order to care for the child and/or support the child’s mother or main adopter in caring for the child.

Is there statutory paternity pay?

Statutory paternity pay is paid to you by your employer so you can take time off work following the birth or adoption of a child to support your partner. Paternity pay can be paid to men and women.

Is the Metropolitan Police Department hiring police officers?

Duty calls in the nation’s capital. The Metropolitan Police Department is now hiring for entry level police officer, experienced police officer, cadet and volunteer positions. Start your journey with us―apply today!

Can a member of the police force take a career break?

10) During the career break the member remains a member of his police force for the purposes of the Regulations and the Secretary of State’s determinations there under, other than, subject to (11), the regulations and determinations of the Secretary of State under Part 4 (Pay), Part 5 (Leave) and Part 6 (Allowances and Expenses).

What is the rank structure of the Metropolitan Police?

The Met uniformed officer rank structure, with epaulette design, is as follows: The Met also has several active Volunteer Police Cadet units, which maintain their own internal rank structure. The Metropolitan Special Constabulary is a contingent of part-time volunteer police officers and is attached to most Borough Operational Command Units.

How long can a chief officer take a career break?

(b) the length of the career break,which shall not be greater than five years,save that in exceptional circumstances the chief officer may allow more than five years