Can you control NZXT fans?

Can you control NZXT fans?

Can you control NZXT fans?

Control NZXT Products Control case lights, fan speeds, PSU voltages, and more through NZXT CAM’s intuitive and beautiful interface.

What does the NZXT RGB and fan controller do?

The NZXT RGB & Fan Controller does precisely what the name implies. Connecting fans and RGB strips or other lighting-enabled components to the hub allows for the controlling of everything using NZXT’s CAM software.

Does NZXT need fan controller?

Q: Do I need an NZXT controller in order to use my RGB fans? A: For RGB power, yes, but for fan power, you can use anything that supports a standard 4 pin PWM fan.

Can I use 2 NZXT fan controllers?

Can multiple RGB & Fan Controllers be connected to the same PC? There are no incompatibilities between multiple of our RGB controllers being used at the same time, this also goes for any other NZXT devices.

Can NZXT cam control RAM?

Can CAM control 3rd party RGB devices? At this time, CAM only has the ability to control RGB RAM via ASUS’s Aura Sync API Service.

Can Nzxt cam control Corsair fans?

No, you’ll need Corsair Lighting Node Pro with Corsair RGB fan LED hub to control LEDs in Corsair LL series fans. Or you can use Corsair Commander Pro as well in place of Lighting Node Pro. Only AER RGB fans are compatible with NZXT HUE+.

Can Nzxt cam control RAM?

Can you put RGB fans on Kraken Z63?

You can use Aer RGB fans on your Kraken radiator but we recommend Aer P for maximum performance.

Is there an alternative to Nzxt Cam?

There are more than 10 alternatives to CAM for a variety of platforms, including Windows, Android, iPhone, Linux and Android Tablet. The best alternative is CPU-Z, which is free. Other great apps like CAM are Speccy (Freemium), GPU-Z (Free), AIDA64 (Paid) and MSI Afterburner (Free).

Does NZXT cam work on laptops?

Cam is not supported on the Laptop.