Can you fish at dinokeng?

Can you fish at dinokeng?

Can you fish at dinokeng?

Dinokeng Resort has two beautiful water sources where our guests can enjoy some Catch-and-Release fishing. Both are beautiful sites, away from the busy Supertubes, for those guests just looking to relax and enjoy some fishing time.

Is dinokeng big 5?

The Big 5 Dinokeng Game Reserve close to Johannesburg: Mongena Game Lodge is situated in the malaria-free Dinokeng Game Reserve, the only free-roaming Big 5 game reserve in the province of Gauteng, South Africa, covering approximately 21 000 hectares for guests to explore on an African safari.

Who owns dinokeng Reserve?

Gauteng Department of Economic Development
The Dinokeng Game Reserve is part of the Gauteng government’s “Blue IQ” project (an entity of the Gauteng Department of Economic Development).

How much is the entrance fee at dinokeng resort?

Entrance Fees (2021) 1-day Permit: R125. 2-day Permit: R190. 7-day Permit: R225.

What bait works at roodeplaat dam?

Fishing Tips: The main baits fisherman use are mostly plain kaboem mielies. Flavors that work are Banana (Banjo), Aniseed and Pineapple. For groundbait you use precooked maize, hemp, tigers, some boilies and some peanuts and then you fish around it.

Where is Rietvlei Dam?


Rietvlei Dam
Official name Rietvlei Dam
Country South Africa
Location Pretoria, Gauteng
Coordinates 25.8767°S 28.2658°ECoordinates:25.8767°S 28.2658°E

What is the difference between a game drive and a safari?

On safari you stay over in a fancy lodge with a postcard-perfect view. On a game drive you either sleep in a tent, a caravan, inexpensive accommodation or you simply go home. On a safari you see animals in their natural habitat. On a game drive you see animals in their natural habitat.

Are there lions in dinokeng?

At Dinokeng Game Reserve we host free roaming lions – they have to fend for themselves – but still we have to implement formal lion management, as any smaller game reserve.

What is the largest nature reserve in Gauteng?

The largest Big Five reserve within easy driving distance of Johannesburg (2 to 3 hours) is the Pilanesberg National Park, a 550 km2 area.

Is dinokeng a self drive?

Visitors come to Dinokeng Game Reserve (it’s barely 40 minutes drive from downtown Pretoria) for time out from the stresses of normal daily routine to relax and enjoy the adventure, the tourist facilities and great nature experiences that our beautiful Game Reserve has to offer.

Does dinokeng allow day visitors?

Dinokeng Resort does not allow day visitors so make sure to book book book in advance! No music, no animals, and other T’s & C’s should be read and fully understood before booking please. Site visits must be arranged with reception in advance.

What bait works at Hengelaarsvriend?

The two swimming pools,are very accesible for everyone….How did find this site?

Name Hengelaarsvriend (Roodeplaat dam)
Baits Almond dough and Banjo mielies

What to do in Dinokeng Game Reserve Gauteng?

Drive along on our winding Self Drive Route at your own pace, linger at a bird hide or stop for a break and have a braai at one of the picnic sites. or even celebrate your wedding or hold your next conference at one our great venues set in beautiful bush surroundings. And there is so much more. Simply press pause, and start to explore.

Is the Dinokeng resort a good place to stay?

Dinokeng Resort is the perfect get-away for both young and old. It has the perfect balance between awesome supertubes, swimming pools and big space for children to play vs the relaxing atmosphere of the bushveld, braai smells in the air and even a river and dam for fishing.

How long is the drive from Pretoria to Dinokeng?

Perfectly nested about 50min from Pretoria and 1hr30min from Johannesburg, To give you a home-away-from-home feeling while in the beautiful and breathtaking scenery of nature