Can you take suitcases on buses?

Can you take suitcases on buses?

Can you take suitcases on buses?

Most buses will allow you to bring hand luggage onto the bus, but due to the limited space, you might not be able to bring the same size of suitcase as you are used to when you travel by plane, so make sure to have a smaller bag for your valuables.

How much luggage can you bring on a bus?

Greyhound Baggage Allowance and Pricing

Type of Bag Carry-On Checked Bag
Storage Bring on bus Stored under bus
Size Limit Must fit in overhead bin or under seat Max size 62 inches
Weight Limit One bag up to 25lbs Up to 2 bags, 50lb max each
Price Free 1st bag free, 2nd bag $15

Is Alsa Bus reliable?

Alsa is completely unreliable and should be avoided at all costs.

Can I buy ALSA tickets on the bus?

As they are mostly long-distance buses, Alsa tickets are not usually bought directly on the bus.

What can you not take on a bus?

Here are the things you are not allowed to take on a bus in the US:

  • Alcohol. Alcohol is forbidden on US buses.
  • Animals. With just a few exceptions, US bus carriers don’t allow animals on buses.
  • Sharp objects.
  • Sports equipment.
  • Flammable or explosive materials.
  • Weapons and tools.
  • Chemicals.

Does Alsa bus have toilets?

Re: Alsa Buses have toilets in them? They will have toilets on board for long trips. They often have a short break somewhere too on long trips, where you can stretch your legs, buy something to eat and drink, etc.

Do Alsa buses have WiFi?

We want your trip to be a comfortable and entertaining experience. For this reason, at Alsa we offer you the possibility of connecting to our Wi-Fi network completely free of charge: you can always be connected on more than 1000 of our buses.

What is ALSA bus?

Alsa Bus, is a bus company based in Madrid, Spain. It offers departures in 6 countries, such as Spain, France, and Portugal. It is one of the many bus companies in Spain, as it offers more than 2948 daily departures, mostly from cities like Madrid, Malaga, and Granada. Alsa Bus operates regular bus lines.