Damage to the environment as a result of the living standards’ improvements

Damage to the environment as a result of the living standards’ improvements


The living standards in the world have increased as a result of science and technology. The continuous urge to develop and become a more sustainable world has had some drawbacks on the environment which are evidently inevitable. A lot of people get involved in activities that will raise their living standards and increase their economic status. However, to maintain high living standards means putting more pressure on the environment and eventually exposing it to inevitable damage. Some of the drawbacks faced after destroying the environment include ecosystem destruction, environment deterioration, water and air pollution as well as global warming (Raven & Berg, 2006, p. 16). More and more productivity means a better living standard as well as more damage to the environment. An improved quality or standard of life ultimately leads to an increased use of technology therefore draining the resources. As more and more individuals desire to raise their economic status, the environmental damages become more and more pronounced.


To start with, it is highly visible that air pollution is a significant problem to the environment. As factories, cars and plants produce some gases for efficient operation, the environment receives the negative impact of destruction. Industries also produce greenhouse gases that contribute a lot to global warming that consequently causes the melting of the Arctic ice (Pennise, University of California, & Berkeley, 2003, p. 31). As a result, there is a rise in the sea level and water may cover the entire world.

The production of greenhouse gases in addition to the greater use of elements that causes a blow the environment aid in creating a situation in which enhanced quality of life generates more damage on the environment. Exploitation of the environment is also an expectation when people chose to experience better material success.


It is beyond any shadow of doubt that human activities to upgrade their life standards directly or indirectly result in environmental damages. The human activities are inevitable since everyone desires a good and comfortable life; hence damage to the environment is also inevitable.