Do freshmen need a parking permit Why or why not Csulb?

Do freshmen need a parking permit Why or why not Csulb?

Do freshmen need a parking permit Why or why not Csulb?

Parkside or Hillside Residential Colleges first year freshman students may not bring a car to campus and instead are expected to utilize public transportation. Residents who are granted a parking permit shall be required to park in a specific parking lot and will not have full campus parking privileges.

How much is a parking permit for 1 year for Csulb?

Permit Prices (2021-2026)

Permit Types Current FY20/21 Yr 1 FY21/22
Student Monthly $40 $45
Resident Semester $200 $250
Daily $10 $12
Short-Term 30 min $2 $3

How much is parking permit at Csulb?

CSULB Annual Parking Rates FY16/17-FY20/21

Permit Type Per FY 17/18
Students Semester $130
Housing Residents Semester $150
MPP/Auxiliaries MPP Month $20
Auxiliary Employees (all permit types) Month $15.09

Is Csulb charging for parking?

Individuals may purchase Daily or Short-Term parking from the parking pay stations located within each parking area. All parking pay stations on campus do not accept cash. Please pay with either a credit card or debit card….Short-Term Parking.

Time Price
30 minutes 1 hour 90 minutes Daily $3 $5 $10 $12

Do I need a car at CSU?

Vehicles on Campus: Although a car is not needed to get around campus, students may park on campus. Parking permits are required in all campus parking lots and can be purchased at University Parking Services in the southwest corner of the Lake Street Parking Garage or online at

How long is CSU orientation?

This 2-1/2 day experience takes place at CSU’s Pingree Park mountain campus where students participate in a ropes course experience, engage in conversations with faculty members, enjoy a community-building campfire, and participate in an alpine hike.