Do they still make station wagons with rear-facing seats?

Do they still make station wagons with rear-facing seats?

Do they still make station wagons with rear-facing seats?

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class wagon is the only model that currently offers rear-facing jump seats, which used to be a common feature on station wagons. As explained in our recent review of the E350 wagon, the jump seats fold out of the cargo-area floor and have room for two children.

Are rear-facing station wagon seats safe?

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a trade group, estimates that 94% of fatal crashes are frontal accidents. In a frontal crash, a rear-facing seat can be quite safe, because the force of crash on the body is distributed against the entire seat back.

Does Mercedes E-class have 7 seats?

You want space? The E-Class is still the daddy. Like classic Merc wagons of yore, Mercedes has confirmed that from late 2016, you’ll be able to spec your E-Class wagon with a third row of child seats in the boot itself, turning your regular estate car into a seven-seat, SUV-embarrassing school bus.

What are Mercedes wagons called?

E-Class All-Terrain Wagon
The new E-Class All-Terrain Wagon.

Can seats in a car face backwards?

Current Recommendations. The current recommendation from the American Academy of Pediatrics is to keep children rear-facing until they reach the maximum height or weight for their convertible seat. This is usually at three to five years old, depending on the seat and the child’s growth.

Is E-Class better than S Class?

The E-class has more legroom in the front and rear seats for example. The S-Class does have the advantage in some areas, however, offering a very significant 2-inches more headroom in the front two seats, and cargo space that greatly surpasses that of the E-Class.

What is the difference between Mercedes E350 and E450?

The E350 has a turbocharged four-cylinder that makes 255 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque. The E450 is powered by a turbocharged inline-six-cylinder engine with a 48-volt hybrid system that doubles as an electric supercharger. The setup sends 362 horsepower and 369 pound-feet to all four wheels.