Does Odell Lake have kokanee?

Does Odell Lake have kokanee?

Does Odell Lake have kokanee?

Kokanee are well-distributed throughout much of Odell Lake, which has abundant deep water the lake-bound salmon prefer.

Are there fish in Odell Lake?

Mountain whitefish
Bull troutRainbow troutSockeye salmonLake trout
Odell Lake/Fish

What time of year does kokanee?

Spawning begins in August and usually runs into early February but kokanee have been found spawning as late as April. Again genetic factors and environmental factors like temperature both play a role in this timing.

Why do kokanee jump?

In spring, the kokanee are waiting for them from below. The chase often ends (or continues) with kokanee jumping out of the water, much to our entertainment. But this scattering of light is actually a good thing for the kokanee fisherman because of the growth of plankton in the water.

How deep is Odell?

86 m
Odell Lake/Max depth
This large lake is 3562 acres, 6 miles long and 1 1/2 miles wide, and reaches a depth of 282 ft. The average depth is 132 ft.

What kind of fish are in Crescent Lake?

Beardslee trout
Lake Crescent cutthroat troutRainbow troutSockeye salmonCoastal cutthroat trout
Lake Crescent/Fish

Is Mackinaw good eating?

Lake Trout (Mackinaw): The general public, especially women who might become pregnant, who are pregnant, nursing mothers, and young children should limit lake trout to one meal per week due to DDT. Fish With No Limits- Enjoy! These fish are good choices to eat because they are low in contaminants.

What kind of fish are in Crescent lake?

What colors do Kokanee like?

Kokanee are attracted to a variety of colors ranging from hot pinks, fluorescent red, bright orange and chartreuse. Using UV and Glow colors are excellent during low light conditions and when fishing deeper water.

When is the best time to go kokanee fishing in Odell?

By late June or July 4, the fishing can still be good, but trolling will take over through late summer, when the kokanee more dispersed. Kokanee fishing holds up at Odell through September, which has a later spawn that many lakes.

Where to go fishing in Odell Lake Oregon?

From the Crescent Lake junction continue on Highway 58 for 2 more miles to Odell lake. Click here to unsubcribe from your fishing reports. Fishing has been fair to good for Kokanee and RBT. Laker fishing has been fair. 25 fish extended limit on Kokanee.

Where is the best kokanee fishing in Oregon?

At the peak, the freshwater salmon are caught in good numbers in the 15- to 16-inch range. Odell Lake not only is one of the best kokanee fishing lakes in Oregon, it is a natural gem to behold high on the east slope of the Cascade Range, just east of Willamette Pass off Highway 58.

What kind of jig is best for Odell Lake Kokanee?

No matter the brand, a 1-ounce jig size is typically the most versatile for Odell Lake fishing conditions. The favorite color patterns here are fire orange and pink and white, but other colors can be effective as well. When vertical jigging at anchor, which is often best because kokanee can often be found down at about 100 feet below the surface.