August 13, 2021

Does the differential affect the transmission?

Does the differential affect the transmission?

The differential (or transaxle in the case of many front-wheel-drive vehicles) is a key part of your car that sends power from the engine and transmission to the individual wheels. Rather than both wheels turning at exactly the same rate, a differential allows for more precise control of the vehicle.

How do you know if your front differential bearing is bad?

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How do I quiet my differential?

How to fix a noisy differential: Replacing the differential fluid may stop the sound, or replacing a pinion or side seal may solve the problem. However, once the noise gets bad, rebuilding or replacing the differential may be the best way to fix the noise.

What can cause excessive backlash in a differential?

The pinion gear is supported by two bearings, whose pre-loads are established by a crushable spacer between them. When a differential is set up this spacer is crushed by tightening the pinion nut; if the spacer is crushed too much, you get excessive backlash.