Does the Moto E have a good camera?

Does the Moto E have a good camera?

Does the Moto E have a good camera?

The Moto e has a 13MP primary camera sensor with an f/2.0 aperture, along with a 2MP depth lens for portrait mode and bokeh. Rear camera performance is solid in good light. Our test shots show excellent depth of field and color accuracy, but some loss of fine detail.

How do I use the camera on my Moto E?

How do I use the moto e4 camera?…

  1. To shoot continuously, touch & hold ; your captures are counted on the shutter.
  2. To touch anywhere on the screen instead of using , swipe right to open settings and turn on Tap anywhere to capture.
  3. If the photo looks blurry, wipe the lens clean with a soft, dry cloth and retake the photo.

Does Moto E have 2 cameras?

Motorola Moto E 2020 Camera Motorola Moto E 2020 has stepped up the game by offering a dual-camera setup. You got an assembly of 13MP and 2MP lenses on the rear camera.

How many cameras does the Moto E have?

two cameras
Motorola Moto E On the back there are two cameras that include a 13-megapixel main shooter and a 2-megapixel depth camera for portrait mode photos. Curiously, instead of a USB-C port it has a Micro-USB port. Don’t worry, I checked and it’s still 2020.

How do I change camera settings on Moto e4 plus?

  1. Tap the Switch Camera icon to switch between rear and front camera. Top. Flash.
  2. Tap the Flash icon then select an option (On, Off, Auto). Top. Video.
  3. Tap the Video icon to use the camcorder. Top. Timer.
  4. Tap the Timer icon to select an option: (3s, 10s, Off) Top. Menu.

Does the Moto E have fast charge?

A fast charger doesn’t come in the box, but Motorola includes a 5-watt charger with a USB-A to microUSB cable. As we do with any phone review, we put the Moto E through the Underscored battery test. The Moto E lasted 20 hours and 39 minutes. That beats out the Galaxy A01, which lasted 10 hours, 27 minutes.

How can I improve the camera quality of Moto E4 plus?

File Size

  1. Swipe right from the camera screen. Depending on which way your camera is facing, photo size options vary.
  2. Tap Photo Size then select an option: 4:3 (13MP) 16:9 (9.7MP) 4:3 (8MP) 16:9 (6MP)
  3. Tap Video Size then select an option: Full HD 1080p (30fps) HD 720p (30fps) VGA 480p (30fps) Top.