Does the UN recognize East Timor?

Does the UN recognize East Timor?

Does the UN recognize East Timor?

The United Nations General Assembly placed East Timor on the international agenda in 1960, when it added the territory to its list of Non-Self-Governing Territories. The United Nations never recognized this integration, and both the Security Council and the General Assembly called for Indonesia’s withdrawal.

Where does the UN have peacekeeping missions?

  • Current operations. MINURSO, Western Sahara. MINUSCA, Central African Republic. MONUSCO, D.R. of the Congo. UNDOF, Golan. UNFICYP, Cyprus. UNIFIL, Lebanon. UNMISS, South Sudan. UNMOGIP, India and Pakistan. UNTSO, Middle East.
  • Past operations.

What did the United Nations do in East Timor?

Shortly thereafter, on 25 October, the United Nations Security Council, by resolution 1272 (1999), established the United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET) as an integrated, multidimensional peacekeeping operation fully responsible for the administration of East Timor during its transition to independence.

When was the transistional administration of East Timor established?

The transistional administration was established by United Nations Security Council Resolution 1272 in 1999. A rarity for United Nations peacekeeping missions, UNTAET involved the United Nations directly administering the territory of East Timor.

Where was the UNAMET meeting in East Timor?

UNAMET facilitates an historic meeting between the pro-independence fighters of FALINTIL and the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) at the main FALINTIL cantonment site in East Timor.

Who are the members of the East Timor Commission?

The Commission was made up of three Timorese representatives and two international experts. Security was initially provided by the International Force for East Timor (INTERFET) but was assumed by UNTAET Peace-Keeping Force (PKF) in February 2000.