Five steps to write an effective business proposal

Five steps to write an effective business proposal

Five steps to write an effective business proposal

Writing a business proposal (or sales proposal) is a significant step in acquiring customers. It is different from a quote in the sense that it is much more productive and more detailed.

It is an original file that you will give to your client instead of a classic quote.

In this article, we will explain how to write a winning business proposition in five steps.

We will also give you some easy-to-implement tips that will help you get the sale, win the offer or the contract.

Why write a business proposal rather than a simple quote?

  • Often, a prospect may know only part of their needs. A complete and detailed file can be a perfect opportunity to show him that you have understood his problem while teaching him aspects that he would not have thought of himself.
  • A business proposition is also a powerful tool to convince your prospect that you have the competence to provide them with what they need.

Good to know before you start

First of all, be aware that writing a good business proposal takes time, but it can give you a good return on investment when done correctly.

In order not to waste time, you should consider writing a business proposal only in the following two cases:

  • When you have a chance to get the sale, win the offer or the contract. Always assess your real opportunities beforehand so as not to waste your time.
  • When your proposal can be reused for several prospects (each proposal must, of course, contain the custom elements to represent the needs of each potential customer).

During your prospecting process, take the time to have a good discussion with the client to identify their needs and problems. The more you know about your client, the more you can write a targeted business proposition.

Now that you know a little more let’s get started and learn how to write a successful business proposition.

The five key steps to write an effective business proposal

# 1. Presentation

This first section consists of presenting your company, your products, and your services. It is crucial because it will allow you to include the client and show him that you are competent.

For example, if you are a web developer and your client is a hotelier, you will appear more relevant to them if you say that you have already created two websites integrating a booking platform for tourism professionals.

# 2. The client’s problem and his objectives

This section consists of reformulating the client’s request, taking up almost word for word the problem that the latter has raised with you.

It is for you to show him that you listened to him that you understood his request.

You can add more targeted goals to the general objectives or put your finger on constraints that the customer has not thought of.

Try replacing your client’s name with another. If your document seems interchangeable, it is because it is not targeted enough!

# 3. Your strategy

You are now at the heart of the commercial proposal. This section is the most important because it details your action plan (development, communication, direct marketing, etc.).

It is a question of detailing all the means which can be implemented to reach the fixed objectives while respecting the needs and the budget of your customer.

You can also include a provisional schedule that will allow the client to locate your actions better.

# 4. Evaluation of results

Describe in this section how you expect to inform the client of the impact of your action. Statistics, monthly reports, etc.

# 5. The price and the formulas you offer

This is the most delicate part for you because it is a question of evaluating your service as well as possible so that it is accepted by the client, without, however, making concessions on your tariffs.

Be firm, but offer your customer payment facilities (formulas, monthly payment, or in installment.

Now you are ready to conquer new markets. Good sales.

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