Has Tom Cruise won a Gold Logie?

Has Tom Cruise won a Gold Logie?

Has Tom Cruise won a Gold Logie?

He would just stand there saying nothing, silently handing out the Logies. Tom Gleeson’s 2019 Gold Logie win has proved controversial with him not being so humble by the victory.

Why did Tom Cruise get back his Golden Globe Awards?

Tom Cruise has handed back his three Golden Globes in protest at a lack of diversity among the body that runs the glittering annual Hollywood awards. He is the latest star to join a growing chorus of criticism. NBC, which has aired the event since 1996, has said it won’t broadcast the ceremony next year.

How many Gold Logies has Tom Cruise won?

The following is a list of awards and nominations received by Tom Cruise throughout his acting career….List of Tom Cruise awards.

Cruise in 2019
Award Wins Nominations
Golden Globe Awards 3 7
Golden Raspberry Awards 3 7
Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists 1 1

Did Tom Cruise get nominated for Tropic Thunder?

Downey was nominated for an Academy Award, a BAFTA Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award, with both he and Cruise receiving nominations for a Golden Globe Award.

Why are actors boycotting the Golden Globes?

But this time, the actors themselves led the attack—vowing to boycott the Globes over what they considered to be lackluster plans for reform and improvement. That made NBC’s choice obvious, according to a source familiar with the network’s decision: “The talent wasn’t going to participate.

Which actor has most fans in world?

Tom Cruise is without a doubt the actor with the largest fan base in the world, the only actor with most fans in the entire globe to rule the hearts of billions since his debut 40 years ago. He is one of the highest-grossing movie stars of all time.