How are you translate in Khasi?

How are you translate in Khasi?

How are you translate in Khasi?

Greeting (Hello OR How are you?): Kumno? (with the response Kumne meaning I am fine / Kumno can also be used to ask How?)

How do you say hello in Khasi?

It is the lingua franca in Shillong and the surrounding areas of Khasi and Jayantia hills….Survival Phrases in Khasi: Walking in the Abode of Clouds.

English Khasi Hindi
Hello kumno Namaskaar
How are you? Phi long kumno? Aap kaise hain?
I am fine Nga biang Main thiik hun
Thank you khublei

Do you love me in Khasi language?

phi ieid ianga? kha Do you love me?

What does Khassi mean?

adj. having the testicles removed; — of a male animal. adj. deprived of virility, vigor, or manly character. Khassi Meaning from Urdu to English is Emasculated, and in Urdu it is written as خصّی.

What is I love you in Khasi?

English: I love you. Khasi: Nga ieit ia phi.

How do you say sorry in Khasi?

Nga wan slem. I’m sorry.

How do you say OK in Khasi?

Il departas ye ok kloki.

What is Khasi goat?

The Special Tender Bengal Male Castrated Goat commonly commonly known as Khashi found in West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa and regions of northeastern India. Khasi goat develops un-separable rich fat under skin and brings the richness and flavour in the meat.

What called Khasi in English?

A cough is an illness in which you cough.

How do you say love in Khasi?

How do you say in Khasi what are you doing?

Phi leh aiu ha ka por ba i wan? What were you doing then? Phi leh aiu katto baje?

Where is Khasi spoken?

Meghalaya state
Khasi (Ka Ktien Khasi) is an Austroasiatic language spoken primarily in Meghalaya state in India by the Khasi people. It is also spoken by a sizeable population in Assam and Bangladesh.