How big are Volcano bags?

How big are Volcano bags?

How big are Volcano bags?

The standard Volcano Easy Valve bag is 2ft tall and about 8 inches wide. This bag will serve 3-5 large hits and refilling the bag is easy as placing it back on the chamber and hitting the fan.

Does Volcano vaporizer come with bags?

The Volcano used to arrive without a valve, and users had to buy one separately. Now, it includes an Easy Valve Starter Set, which includes four disposable Easy Valves, and one with a replaceable bag.

What are Volcano bags for?

** Note: The Volcano Vaporizer Balloon Bags work with both the Volcano Digital and Volcano Classic Vaporizers. They are intended to replace the balloon bags that attach to the Solid Valve Set sold separately.

How long do Volcano vaporizer bags last?

Storz & Bickel recommends throwing them out after about two weeks of daily use, but you can judge based on color and odor. If it starts to smell off, or sticks to itself on the inside a lot, throw it out. The Easy Valve with Adapter, on the other hand, is designed to be cleaned and reused.

Are volcano bags reusable?

You can use the Volcano Vaporizer Easy Valve Replacement Set, Oven Bags or Vaporizer Bags, it doesn’t matter. Remove the bag and save for extraction or discard. Make sure not to loose the valve, which is a small disc of rubber. Clean all the reusable parts.

How many times can you use Volcano bag?

Heavy users will change their bags once a month or as often as every two weeks if the resin starts to build-up in the unit. Moderate users may be able to go 2 – 4 months before a bag change is required.

Can I leave my volcano on?

When the vaporizer is left on all parts of the housing and internals reach an ultimate stable temperature. Although, since the heater inside the vaporizer is red hot we do not recommend you leave the vaporizer unattended though. Turn it off if you are to leave the house.