How can I get ration card in Maharashtra?

How can I get ration card in Maharashtra?

How can I get ration card in Maharashtra?

How to apply for Maharashtra Ration Card

  1. Visit the Government of Maharashtra- Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Department.
  2. On the left-hand side of the page click on ‘Download’.
  3. Click on ‘Form 1 – application for a new ration card’ link.
  4. Get a printout of the form and duly fill it.

How can I make my ration card online?

How to apply for a Ration Card Online?

  1. Go to and signing with your details.
  2. Scroll down and click on “Food & Public Distribution System” in the ‘Services’ column.
  3. Upload the PDF of the necessary documents, Click on “Apply”
  4. And continue the procedure of filling the form.

Who is eligible for ration card in Maharashtra?

Eligibility for Smart Ration Card Families having yearly income up to Rs. 15,000 having been included in IRDP list of 1997-98. The members in the family should not be a doctor, lawyer or an architect or a chartered accountant.

Can we have two ration cards?

Can one have two ration cards in the same state? – Quora. IN the application for Ration Card, you will have to confirm that you do not have any existing Ration Card in your name. Any person having two Ration Cards in his name is liable for prosecution and cancellation of the card.

Is ration card mandatory for income certificate?

To apply for income certificate, visit respective State / District online portal, create an account and apply for income certificate. And ration card is not mandatory to apply for income certificate, ypou can use any other valid ID proof like Voter’s ID, driving license etc.

How to add name in Maharashtra ration card?

Candidates can also download and apply for the inclusion of name in Ration Card, deletion of name from Ration Card. Sample 8: Name Addition in Maharashtra Ration Card – The form to add name in Maharashtra Smart Ration Card will appear as shown below:-

What does the new ration card consist of?

The new Digital ration card consists of the full name, address and photograph of the head of the family. Moreover, this ration card also contains a bar code and stores all the information of the other family members as well.

Which is the web portal of Maharashtra government?

Aaple Sarkar web portal lists several notified citizen services organized by Department names so that these may be accessed online by citizens & Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLE)

What is the purpose of MSEDCL in Maharashtra?

MSEDCL dedicate ourselves to accept all challenges to serve our consumers by supplying reliable and quality power at reasonable and competitive tariffs so as to boost agricultural, industrial sector and overall economic development of Maharashtra.