How can I make my own CD cover?

How can I make my own CD cover?

How can I make my own CD cover?

How to design CD covers in 4 simple steps

  1. Select your CD cover template from over 17.000 ready-made templates.
  2. Select one of more than 1

    Where can I download CD cover art?

    The 6 Best Sites to Download High-Quality CD Cover Album Art

    1. Album Art Exchange. Album Art Exchange is a site wholly devoted to high-quality images of album covers, making it a great resource for anyone interested in album art.
    2. Discogs.
    3. MusicBrainz.
    4. Amazon.
    5. Google Images.
    6. Desktop Music Tools.

    How can I print my own cds?

    How Do I Print on a Printable CD? (5 Steps)

    1. Create an image that will fit comfortably on your CD.
    2. Open your printer’s settings and set the media type as CD/DVD.
    3. Insert your printable CD into the printer’s CD/DVD tray.
    4. Select the print function from the program in which you created your CD label.

    How do you scan a CD cover?

    Best way to scan CD covers

    1. Scan the unfolded booklet @ 300/600 dpi, aligned to the edges of my scanner.
    2. Scan the inlay (with a transparent tray, I also scan the inlay’s backside) @ 300/600 dpi, once again aligned to the edges of the scanner.
    3. Scan the printed CD side @ 300 dpi.
    4. Cut the scans down to picture dimensions.

    How do I get my CD in stores?

    Visit local independent music stores and ask if they’ll consider stocking your CD. If you have a good local following, they’ll be more likely to consider it since their risk is minimal. If you haven’t built up a local audience, ask if the store will take a few copies on consignment. Offer the store a 50/50 split.

    What do you call the booklet inside a CD?

    Liner notes (also sleeve notes or album notes) are the writings found on the sleeves of LP record albums and in booklets which come inserted into the compact disc jewel case or the equivalent packaging for vinyl records and cassettes.