How do I activate my Irancell SIM card?

How do I activate my Irancell SIM card?

How do I activate my Irancell SIM card?

To activate a new prepaid SIM card, all you have to do is make a call with your new SIM card and dial *555*1*2#. Postpaid SIM cards are also easily activated with your first call from them.

What is the APN of Irancell?

In the new window, type Irancell-GPRS for Name field and mtnirancell for APN field. 7. Save your settings. 8.

How do I check my irancell internet balance?

Dial *555*1*4# or use MyIrancell application to check your balance. Dial *7*1# from your SIM card to pay your postpaid bill using your bank card; just make sure you have its internet PIN with you.

How do I load irancell?

By dialing *555# and selecting “account management” you can recharge your SIM card. You also have access to below options: Mobile internet packages. Combo packages.

How do I check my Hamrahe Aval Internet package?

Send your mobile type and model or serial number (IMEI) via SMS to 8008 (to receive automatic Internet settings). Note: By dialing the activation code of *#06#, the 15-digit serial number (IMEI) is displayed on your mobile screen.

How do I recharge my SIM card?

How can I recharge my SIM card?

  1. Recharge online using the Matrix website.
  2. Please select your mobile number type –
  3. Prepaid- To recharge then enter your Matrix mobile number.
  4. Choose the “Pay Online” option.
  5. Now, Proceed to pay then choose PAYTM Gateway then enter the Credit/ Debit/ NEFT details and press now.

Will my phone work in Iran?

The unlocked mobile phone can be used in every country. So, it can be easily switched to the local mobile SIM card (mobile provider in the destination country) and benefit from using cheaper deals and services. Of course, you should know that these unlocked phones only work in Iran for 30 days.

How do I activate my MCI Iran Internet?

Dialing *10*231# to request internet activation. Sending a text message “1” to 8088.

Does changing APN really work?

As long as your mobile device is working the way you want it to and is connected to the right network, then there is no need to change your APN. While your mobile device may not connect to the internet, one of the built-in APN settings should work automatically for voice calls.

Why my Jio Internet is not working?

Check if you have an active plan with validity and data balance on your Jio number. Check if your mobile phone is compatible with Jio 4G. Ensure the network settings on your device are enabled. Ensure that you have completed the tele-verification process.