How do I beat Papyrus genocide?

How do I beat Papyrus genocide?

How do I beat Papyrus genocide?

Sparing Papyrus aborts the Genocide Route. After his “Completely Normal Attack”, Papyrus’s defense is set to his current HP times negative two. It is possible to attack him without instantly killing him, but the only way to do this is by using the Tough Glove and only confirming the attack once rather than four times.

Do you have to kill Papyrus to fight sans?

When you kill Papyrus, he isn’t dead… As you keep killing, Papyrus loses more belief, and has none for you when you kill Sans. The reason he doesn’t start a battle for killing his brother like Sans did is that he knows he has weak attacks. Then he probably watches you continue, as you kill Asgore and Flowey.

Can you fight disbelief Papyrus in Undertale?

His battle body is damaged and his arms are by his side. He uses normal attacks for most of the phase and he can be killed at the end of this phase. He believes in you again in this phase and tells you that you can still have a good ending by sparing him.

How do you fight Papyrus pacifist?

Spare Papyrus for a couple of turns, then Flirt with him, and then attempt to Spare him for the remainder of the fight. The first phase of his attacks will involve some easy to dodge bones – just watch out for the blue ones and remember to stop moving.

Can papyrus summon Gaster Blaster?

Gaster Blasters: As shown in Do or Die, Papyrus can summon blasters that can be used as shields. He can also fire powerful energy from their mouth, as seen in Game Over Part 2.

What happens if you kill sans but not Papyrus?

If you kill everyone but Papyrus on Undertale, you won’t be fighting Sans because the route you would be doing would be a neutral route, and you only fight Sans in a genocide route. You approach what used to be Flowey’s patc, and the flower in the middle is not Flowey, but just a normal, regular flower.

Is disbelief papyrus crying?

Primarily in Phase 1, he is crying, but there are other times in the fight that he cries. His battle body in Phase 2 appears to be slightly damaged, or at the very least, scratched, while in Phase 3 and 4, it is severely damaged. Overall though, his appearance is the same as the regular Papyrus’.

Can Papyrus summon Gaster Blaster?