How do I contact Amedd recruiter?

How do I contact Amedd recruiter?

How do I contact Amedd recruiter?

» Contact a Recruiter! »Call Us! 1-888-710-2769 » Apply Now!

How can I join Amedd?


  1. Meet the prescribed medical and moral standards for appointment as a commissioned officer.
  2. Be a U.S. citizen.
  3. Have completed an accredited qualifying degree program.
  4. Must be at least 21 years of age or older.
  5. Earn military retirement benefits.
  6. Be able to obtain a Secret security clearance.

How does the Amedd program work?

The AMEDD Enlisted Commissioned Program (AECP) provides eligible Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard or Activated Guard Reserve (AGR) Army Soldiers the opportunity to complete a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) and receive a commission in the Active Duty component of the Army Nurse Corps (ANC).

What does Amedd stand for?

Army Medical Department of the U.S. Army
The Army Medical Department of the U.S. Army (AMEDD), formerly known as the Army Medical Service (AMS), encompasses the Army’s six medical Special Branches (or “Corps”).

How much does an army nurse get paid?

According to and an estimate based upon a sample of 53 U.S. Army RN salaries, the average U.S. Army registered nurse earns $73,347, with a range of $58,000-$103,339 annually.

How do you find an army recruiter?

Find Army recruiter locations using one of two methods. Use a computer or other Internet-enabled device to find the nearest office. Alternatively, you may find recruiter listings in the local phone directory. Determine military eligibility and begin entry paperwork by visiting a recruiting location.

Do the army recruiters get Commission?

While Army recruiters do go through special training and gain extra pay for their work, they in-fact DO NOT get a commission based on individual recruits. Army recruiters are granted special duty pay on their bi-weekly paychecks to compensate them for their extra work and training.

What are the army recruiter requirements?

Meet Recruiter Requirements. Army recruiters must be 21-35 years old, have completed 30 hours of college coursework, and have at least three years of active service remaining on their contract.

What is medical Recruiting Brigade?

Today, the Medical Recruiting Brigade provides the command, administrative, advertising, logistical, legal, financial and operational control of five medical recruiting battalions spread across the entire United States, plus the Chaplain Recruiting Branch.