How do I contact BigPond support?

How do I contact BigPond support?

How do I contact BigPond support?

Contact us

  1. Sales. Call 13 2000.
  2. Accounts and billing. Call 13 2000.
  3. Concierge tech support. Call 13 2999.
  4. nbn. Call 13 2000.
  5. Other Options. Multilingual services.

What happens if I cant pay My Telstra bill?

If you have a Telstra Upfront Mobile Plan and your payment is overdue by more than 10 business days, your services will be suspended. To remove your service suspension, pay the overdue amount in full via the My Telstra app. You can make a one-off payment using a different payment method.

How do I contact Telstra complaints from Australia?

You can also lodge your complaint in one of the following ways:

  1. Post your complaint letter to: Telstra Complaints. Locked Bag 20026. Melbourne VIC 3001.
  2. Fax your complaint to 1800 753 949.
  3. Contact us on 13 22 00 and say ‘complaints’

What happens when Telstra restricted service?

If your service has been restricted due to non-payment, you can use this form to tell us when you have paid your bill. If you made your payment via My Telstra in app or in a browser, you don’t need to tell us – your service restriction will be automatically lifted within 2 hours of payment.

How do I speak to a real person at Telstra?

Residential customers can call Telstra 24×7 for general enquiries, help, and service support by dialling 13 2000, at any time. For customers needing accessibility assistance, you can dial Telstra Disability Hotline at either 1800 068 424 (voice), or 133 677 (TTY).

Can I pay My Telstra bill in installments?

As long as your account balance is zero (or in credit) by the due date of a bill, the account will be considered fully paid and no late fees apply. You can make multiple payments (of any amount) into your account, any time you choose, by using the standard payment methods.

How can I get out of paying my phone bill?

Lower Your Cell Phone Bill With These 12 Tips

  1. Use Wi-Fi when you can.
  2. Limit your background data use.
  3. Cut the insurance.
  4. Sign up for automated payments or paperless billing.
  5. Take advantage of your employee discount.
  6. Buy no-contract phones.
  7. Keep your phone longer.
  8. Don’t do a payment plan for your phone.

What happens if you haven’t paid your phone bill?

If you don’t pay your mobile phone contract, your account will go into arrears. Your mobile provider could cut your phone off so you’re unable to make or receive calls. If you don’t take steps to deal with the debt, your account will default and the contract will be cancelled. Disconnecting the mobile phone.

How long can you go without paying your phone bill?

Late payments to your phone carrier can still cause services to be cut. However, they won’t report as a missed payment on your credit report for anywhere between 30–90 days. Before the balance is reported and potentially sold to a collections agency, you will typically incur late fees.

What are my Bigpond email settings?

Email Settings for

  • Server:
  • Port: 993.
  • Security: SSL/TLS.
  • Username: Your full email address.
  • Password: Your password.

How do I get my Bigpond emails?

  1. • Go to and click on the webmail link • Enter your BigPond username (or email address) • Enter your password, then click ‘Log in’.
  2. Email client settings. Your name.
  3. Incoming server details. Server address.
  4. Outgoing server details.
  5. Other settings to check.
  6. Before accessing your email, consider Telstra.

How to pay a Telstra bill online with BPAY?

1 Sign in to your online banking 2 Choose the BPAY® payment option in the payments section 3 Enter: Telstra BPAY® biller code (23796) BPAY® reference number (this is your account number, at the bottom of your bill) Amount you want to pay 4 Click Pay

What happens if my Telstra bill is overdue?

If you’ve received a payment failure notification no further attempts will be made to take the payment. You’ll need to make a manual one-off payment and you can choose to do this, either by: There are no late payment fees on upfront plans. However, if your payment is overdue by more than 10 business days, your services will be suspended.

How can I Manage my Telstra account online?

My Telstra in a browser, and the My Telstra app let you manage your account and services from your computer, compatible smartphone or tablet. Your Telstra ID is the only sign-in you need to access all your Telstra services. If you don’t have one, register for a Telstra ID now.

How do I fix a problem with my Telstra mail?

You can use Telstra’s Smart Troubleshooting tool to quickly identify an email problem and get simple instructions to fix it. The tool works with many popular Mac and Windows mail programs.