How do I contact the Eurofins?

How do I contact the Eurofins?

How do I contact the Eurofins?

  1. To contact Eurofins UK sales team please call +44 845 604 6740 or email [email protected]
  2. To contact Eurofins UK customer service team please call +44 845 266 6522 or email [email protected]

Is Eurofins IT solutions a product based company?

It is a product based company.

What does Eurofins IT Solutions do?

The main focus for EITSI is to create and provide world-class, high-quality IT Solutions and Services with a special focus on next generation Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) in addition to creating and delivering various internal applications and IT products for the Eurofins Group.

Does Eurofins test on animals?

Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing is a leader in safety testing without the use animals and is deeply committed to the principles of the 3 RĀ“s of Replacement, Reduction and Refinement. These customized test designs help to address specific safety concerns.

Is eurofins a contract company?

Eurofins is also one of the market leaders in certain testing and laboratory services for genomics, discovery pharmacology, forensics, advanced material sciences and in the support of clinical studies, as well as having an emerging global presence as a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation.

Is eurofins a staffing agency?

Eurofins PSS Insourcing SolutionsĀ® (PSS) is a global, award-winning managed service provider that places our people at your site dedicated to running and managing your laboratory services while eliminating headcount, co-employment and project management worries.

Who are eurofins competitors?

Eurofins Scientific competitors include Bureau Veritas North America, Element Fleet Management, SGS, STERIS and Intertek.

Where is eurofins based?

Eurofins is an international group of laboratories headquartered in Luxembourg, providing testing and support services to the pharmaceutical, food, environmental, agriscience and consumer products industries and to governments.

Is eurofins publicly traded?

Eurofins shares are listed on Euronext Paris (since IPO in October 1997)

Who owns the Vegan trademark?

The Vegan Society
The Vegan Trademark is the authentic international vegan standard and is managed by The Vegan Society; the charity that created the word ‘vegan’ back in 1944.

What is species testing?

Today’s demanding market requires animal products to be authentic and genuine. Species determination plays a central role in the regulation of the genuineness and marketability of a product.

Which is the best Eurofins Laboratory in India?

[4] Eurofins Advinus BioPharma Services India Pvt. Ltd. (CDMO) Eurofins Advinus Ltd. Eurofins Advinus Ltd. (Discovery Chemistry Center) Eurofins Global Central Laboratory Choose… [1] Eurofins Clinical Diagnostics India

Which is the best Eurofins assurance service in India?

[3] Eurofins Assurance Services India Private Limited (Bangalore) Eurofins Assurance Services India Private Limited (Mumbai) Eurofins Assurance Services India Private Limited (New Delhi) Choose…

Where can I find the Eurofins Group Directory?

All Eurofins sites and capabilities are listed in the company directory which can be downloaded here: Eurofins Group directory (pdf, 6 Mb).

What kind of industries does Eurofins Advinus work in?

With over 30 years of GLP compliance and certification, Eurofins Advinus serves diverse industries such as Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Biological, Agrochemical, Nutraceutical and Cosmetic.