How do I contact Work and Income NZ?

How do I contact Work and Income NZ?

How do I contact Work and Income NZ?


  1. Freephone: 0800 559 009.
  2. +64 4 916 3300.
  3. +64 4 918 0099.
  4. [email protected].

What is winz email address?

Work and Income general enquiries

National phone number 0800 559 009 Monday to Friday 7am-6pm and Saturday 8am-1pm
International phone number +64 9 913 0300 Monday to Friday 7am-6pm and Saturday 8am-1pm (NZ time) Email: [email protected] for general enquiries

Do you need an appointment to go to WINZ?

Appointments with WINZ You don’t need an appointment to: Check if you can get a benefit or payment. Apply for a job that you’ve seen on Work and Income’s online job database. Drop off documents to support an application you’ve made.

How do I get a client number for Work and Income?

You can find your client number on:

  1. any letters we’ve sent you (from Work and Income, the Ministry of Social Development or StudyLink)
  2. on the front of your community services card (if you have one)
  3. on the back of your Super Gold card (if you have one).

Can I call winz on Saturday?

Call our general enquiries team anytime between: Monday to Friday – 7am and 6pm. Saturday – 8am and 5pm. Sunday – 9am and 1pm.

How much can I earn on the pension NZ?

NZ Super or Veteran’s Pension if you have non-qualified partner included in your payment. From 1 April 2021, you can earn up to $160 a week (before tax) before it affects both of your payments.

How much can I earn on jobseekers NZ?

You can earn up to $160 a week before tax before it affects your payments. Once you earn over $160 a week before tax, your payment reduces by 70 cents for every extra $1 of income you earn. Any other payments you get, eg, Accommodation Supplement, may also be affected.

How do I send documents to work and income?

Online application process

  1. Apply online through MyMSD. Complete and submit the online form through MyMSD.
  2. Read and agree to obligations.
  3. Upload your documents.
  4. Get a medical certificate (only if required)
  5. We’ll contact you.
  6. We’ll process your application.
  7. Your payments will start.
  8. Manage your information online.

What is the sickness benefit called in NZ?

Disability Allowance
Disability Allowance is a weekly payment from Work and Income for people who have regular, ongoing costs because of a disability. If your disability is the result of an accident, your care is covered by the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC).

How long does winz take to process an application?

It’s usually 1 or 2 weeks after your application is approved. Your payments will start from the date after your stand-down finishes. If you’ve been working recently, your payments may take longer to start. Once your payments start, you won’t get any money in the first week.

How do I send documents to Work and Income?

What is low income in New Zealand?

It is possible to calculate that the poverty line after deducting housing costs for a household with two adults and two children lies at $600 per week or $31,200 annually in 2016 dollars. For a sole parent with one child it is $385 per week or $20,200 annually in 2016 dollars (MSD Household Incomes report July 2017, p.

What does work and income do in New Zealand?

Work and Income are here to help you financially if you’re on a low income or not working, support you into work and help you find housing. The Government has announced the support that will be available to New Zealand businesses if there’s a resurgence of COVID-19.

Is the Takapuna service centre open in Auckland?

Our services centres in Auckland, with their postal addresses. All of New Zealand is currently at COVID-19 Alert Level 1. Our service centres are open and if we need to meet with you in person, we’ll make an appointment with you. We’ll also continue to help over the phone and online. The Takapuna centre is closed until further notice.

When to call work and income helpline?

Call our general enquiries team anytime between: Monday to Friday – 7am and 6pm Saturday – 8am and 1pm Phone: 0800 559 009