How do I create a view in Sybase?

How do I create a view in Sybase?

How do I create a view in Sybase?

A view can be created for another user by specifying the owner. You must have DBA authority to create a view for another user. A view name can be used in place of a table name in SELECT, DELETE, UPDATE, and INSERT statements. Views, however, do not physically exist in the database as tables.

How do I view views in Sybase?

Get Information About Views

  1. Use sp_help and sp_helptext to Display View Information. The sp_help command reports on a view.
  2. Use sp_depends to List Dependent Objects.
  3. List All Views in a Database.
  4. Find an Object Name and ID.

What is schema in Sybase?

A database schema is the collection of all objects in the database. Sybase Central displays a database schema as a hierarchy of containers and their contents.

Which command helps in redefining the view definition without dropping the existing view?

You can also use ALTER VIEW to define, modify, or drop view constraints. This statement does not change the definition of an existing view. To redefine a view, you must use CREATE VIEW with the OR REPLACE keywords.

How do I find tables in Sybase?

For example, the following statement queries the data dictionary table ALL_TABLES to retrieve all table names in the Sybase database: SQL> SELECT * FROM “ALL_TABLES”@SYBS; When a data dictionary access query is issued, the gateway: Maps the requested table, view, or synonym to one or more Sybase system table names.

How do I know if Sybase is online?

You can use sp_helpdb to find out whether a database is currently online, online for standby access, or offline….The command sequence is:

  1. load database.
  2. load transaction (there may be more than one load transaction)
  3. online database.

How do I check my database status in Sybase?

Checking server status

  1. Open the multiplex folder.
  2. Select the Servers tab to view server status. The Servers tab lists details shown in Table 2-3.
  3. Status displays are not instantaneous and depend on network latency. To refresh the status display, select View > Refresh Folder from the main menu bar.

Why can’t we put order by inside the view?

Views behave like tables whose contents are determined by the results of a query. Tables don’t have order; they’re just bags of rows. Therefore, views don’t have order either.