How do I find my AWS suppression list?

How do I find my AWS suppression list?

How do I find my AWS suppression list?

You can view a list of all of the email addresses that are on the account-level suppression list for your account by using the ListSuppressedDestinations operation in the Amazon SES API v2. The following procedure assumes that you’ve already installed the AWS CLI.

What is AWS suppression list?

Like the blacklist, the suppression list is a list of recipient addresses that Amazon SES blocks because the addresses have recently caused a hard bounce for any Amazon SES sender. …

What is a suppression list used for?

Suppression lists allow you to automatically stop sending to recipients who no longer want your email. They also give your recipients the option to adjust frequency and content according to their interests. This helps keep your recipients happy and your sending reputation strong.

What is a suppression list in marketing?

A suppression list is a list of subscribers that you don’t want to receive your communications. Suppression lists filter out email addresses and prevent those addresses from receiving your messages. Suppression lists serve as a “do not contact” list for your email sends.

What is suppressed mail?

An email suppression list, or unsubscribe list, is a list of email addresses that have indicated to you that they do not wish to receive correspondence, such as email newsletters or other updates, from your organization.

What is global suppression?

The Global Suppression List (GSL) is a collection of known bad email addresses and domains, including ISP spam complainants. You can use the GSL to revise your entire contact list by comparing your list of contacts against it.

What is a master suppression list?

Suppression lists prevent emails to email addresses that have opted out, filed an abuse complaint, or are no longer valid (bad email address). Acoustic Campaign automates suppression at the organization level by creating a master suppression list and automatically adding contacts to it.

How does a suppression list work?

How a Suppression List Works. Once a person clicks on the unsubscribe link, fills in the form on the unsubscribe page, or marks your email as spam, SendPulse automatically adds their email addresses to a suppression list. This means that you can’t accidentally or intentionally send any email to users who have opted out …

What is auto suppression list?

Suppression lists serve as a do-not-contact list for your email sends. Auto-suppression lists typically include addresses with a history of spam complaints, unsubscribe lists from previous providers or advertisers, addresses of your competitors, and canceled customers.

What is a suppressed file?

A suppression file is simply a file of records that you should be removing from your database. These can be goneaways (people or companies that have moved address), could be deceased people (for obvious reasons) or people who have requested not to receive communications via email or telephone.

How do I find my AWS region?

To find your Regions using the console Open the Amazon EC2 console at . From the navigation bar, view the options in the Region selector. Your EC2 resources for this Region are displayed on the EC2 Dashboard in the Resources section.