How do I increase my equipment in Maplestory?

How do I increase my equipment in Maplestory?

How do I increase my equipment in Maplestory?

Click the Equipment Enchant button in the bottom right corner of the Item Inventory window. This will open the Equipment Enchant window. Drag the equipment into the Equipment Enchant window. If the equipment has no enhancement slots available, the Star Force UI will appear automatically.

How do you upgrade weapons in Maplestory?

Use the Soul Enchanter item to upgrade a weapon into a Soul Weapon and view the Soul Weapon’s information on the bottom of the weapon tooltip. Equip Boss Souls to increase Weapon ATT and Magic ATT, as well as additional Potential and Boss Summon skills.

How do I use Starforce equipment?

To star force enhance equipment, open the equip tab in the item inventory, and press the red enhancement button in the bottom left corner. Drag the equipment you wish to enhance into the enhancement window.

What is spell trace used for Maplestory?

Spell Traces can be used to enhance equipment. The equipment’s type, level, and enhancement success rate will determine how many Spell Traces are needed. When using Spell Traces, the chances of the item being destroyed on failure is 0% – there is no chance of the item being destroyed.

Does Star Catching do anything MapleStory?

The % increase with star catching is 4.5% multiplicative on success. Using your example of 24 to 25 stars on a 1% success rate, you’ll have a 1.045% chance of passing with successful star catching.

Do flames transfer MapleStory?

Nexon has released details on the Additional Option Transfer Scroll and how it will be distributed. This item allows you to transfer one item’s additional options (flames) to another of the same item, but only people who meet specific criteria will receive them. Hello. This is MapleStory.

Should I sell spell traces Maplestory?

If you’re playing on the Reboot server, you cannot enhance equipment with spell traces, so the only thing you can do with them is to sell them.

Does Star Catching do anything Maplestory?

Where can I farm spell traces?

The easiest way to get spell traces in Maplestory is by purchasing them from the auction house. You can also get spell traces by farming mobs and from some shops. When you upgrade equipment in the game, you don’t enhance them with spell traces directly. Instead, you use scrolls that cost spell traces.

How do you know how much star force you have?

Portals that lead to Star Force Hunting Zones are displayed in red on the mini-map and on the field. After you’ve entered a Star Force Hunting Zone through a portal, the amount of required Star Force is displayed via a message on the center of the screen.

How do you get the strongest flame in rebirth?

To make Powerful Rebirth Flames you need to be a master in Accessory Crafting and for Eternal Rebirth flames you need to be a Meister in the Accessory Crafting Branch for professions. Ingredients for Powerful Rebirth Flames are 30 Mana Crystals, 30 Fine Spell Essences, 5 Rebirth Fragments, 5 Unrelenting Flames.

What is a good flame score?

What Is A Good Flame Score?

Early Mid
Flame Score 0-40 40-75
Determining Factor Lvl. 1-180 Can Solo NHilla, Normal Root Abyss, Normal Horntail Lvl. 180-220 Can Solo Chaos Horntail, Pink Bean, HMag

How to Star Force an item in Maplestory?

To Star Force an item, the item must be at 0 slots after enhancing or scrolling. Go to your inventory and select the red icon at the bottom right corner. You will then see what the success rate and fail rate of each star enhancement is. If you fail a star enhancement there is a chance at downgrading a star past 10+ stars.

How many tiers of enhancement are there in Maplestory?

There are 3 tiers of enhancement depending on equipment level. Includes Shoulderpads. On the 4th success, if you used Spell Traces for enhancement you will receive +1 Weapon Attack (Magic Attack for Magician equips, both for universal equips) Note: Shoulderpad follows Armor stat formulas and Hearts have their own stats. Options: ATT and Magic ATT.

How can I increase my stats in Maplestory?

Most equipment in MapleStory can be powered up with bonus stats in several ways: Scroll Enhancement, Star Force Enhancement, Potential and Soul Weapon. Equipment with upgrade slots available can be upgraded with scrolls or Spell Traces to greatly increase the stats that piece of equipment has, both methods uses up an upgrade slot each time.

What happens when you enhance an item in Maple?

If you enhance an item with good Bonus Stats, you may be able to create a weapon that’s even more powerful, and you can use a Rebirth Flame to reset an item’s Bonus Stats. If you attempt to use Spell Traces during Spell Trace Fever Time, your chance of succeeding in Spell Trace enhancement goes up.