How do I install Chrome exe silently?

How do I install Chrome exe silently?

How do I install Chrome exe silently?

10 Answers

  1. Download the Chrome installer.
  2. Use the switches /silent and /install like so: chrome_installer.exe /silent /install.
  3. Enjoy!

How do I install setup EXE silently?

Install with the silent option

  1. Open a DOS window (Command Prompt).
  2. Type the directory path of the LanSafe Setup.exe. If spaces appear in the path, place quotes around the path.
  3. Type a space, then type the command line switches to use. For example:
  4. Press Enter.
  5. Verify the process was completed properly.

How do I install Chrome exe?

Install Chrome on Windows

  1. Download the installation file.
  2. If prompted, click Run or Save.
  3. If you chose Save, double-click the download to start installing.
  4. Start Chrome: Windows 7: A Chrome window opens once everything is done. Windows 8 & 8.1: A welcome dialog appears. Click Next to select your default browser.

How do I get rid of Chrome silent?

  1. On your computer, close all Chrome windows and tabs.
  2. Open the Control Panel:
  3. Click Uninstall a program or Programs and Features.
  4. Double-click Google Chrome.
  5. To delete your profile information, like bookmarks and history, check “Also delete your browsing data.”
  6. Click Uninstall.

How can I tell if an exe has a silent switch?

Four Ways to Find Silent Install Parameters (if They Exist)

  1. Find Silent Install Parameters With the Usage Statement. Displaying the usage statement is my go-to method for finding silent installation parameters.
  2. Use Google To Find Silent Install Parameters.
  3. Universal Silent Switch Finder.
  4. Extract Executables With 7-Zip.

How do I run an exe from command line arguments?

option. You can test command line arguments by running an executable from the “Command Prompt” in Windows or from the “DOS prompt” in older versions of Windows. You can also use command line arguments in program shortcuts, or when running an application by using Start -> Run.

How do I update Java silently?

Install Java Silently

  1. Download the “offline” version from the Java website.
  2. Manually “start” the installation.
  3. Extract the . MSI and necessary data files from the downloaded EXE.
  4. Copy the extracted files from %LOCALAPPDATA%
  5. Cancel the manual installation.
  6. Deploy Java to all your company computers.

How to install Google Chrome silently on Windows?

Create a text file called install.cmd and copy in the following command lines: @echo install Google Chrome start “Installing Chrome Silently” /wait “ChromeStandaloneSetup.exe” /silent /install @echo Set the parameter file @XCOPY “master_preferences” “C:Program Files (x86)Google[&Chrome&]Application” /E /C /Q /R /Y

How to install Google Chrome as an administrator?

Google chrome silent install Just right-click on install.cmd and run as administrator. After a few seconds, the install will be finished. So this is the complete package ready to be deployed over the network.

How to uninstall Google Chrome with MSI script?

The command will uninstall older version of Google Chrome and install a new version. Also, the script will disable auto update of google chrome. This is important if you don’t want to automatically update. We will use the MSI installer to make it much easier.

How to uninstall Google Chrome [ step by step guide ]?

How to silent Uninstall Google Chrome Enterprise 1 Open a CMD window as Administrator 2 Enter one of the following commands: More