How do I know my Pandora bracelet size?

How do I know my Pandora bracelet size?

How do I know my Pandora bracelet size?

Measure your wrist with a piece of string, and then measure that string against a ruler. Then, add either 1 inch or 2-3 centimetres to your wrist measurement. This is your bracelet size. i.e. if your wrist measures 16cm, you should be looking at either the 18cm or 19cm Pandora bracelet.

What size is a 17 Pandora bracelet?

Pandora Me Link Bracelets

Wrist Size Pandora Size
14 CM 16 CM
15 – 16 CM 17.5 CM
17 – 18 CM 20 CM
19 – 21 CM 23 CM

What size is a 8 inch Pandora bracelet?

Other Sliding Bangles

Wrist Size Pandora Size
5.1 – 5.5 IN 16.5 CM
15 – 6.7 IN 18.5 CM
7 – 7.9 IN 8 IN

What size Pandora bracelet does the average woman wear?

The most common size Pandora bracelet for women is 7.5″ (19 cm). Women’s Pandora bracelet sizes, excluding sliders, range from 5.9″ (15 cm) to 9.8″ (25 cm). Sliders are a standard 11″ (28 cm). For men, the average bracelet size is 8.0″ (20.5 cm), with standard lengths running from 7.5″ (19 cm) to 9″ (23 cm).

What size is 20 cm in bracelet?

Measuring your wrist

Wrist Circumference Bracelet Circumference
18 cm 7.08 “ 20 cm
19 cm 7.48 “ 21 cm
20 cm 7.87 “ 22 cm
Wrist Circumference Bracelet Circumference

Do Pandora bracelets come in different sizes?

Pandora’s most popular sizes come in 19- and 20-centimeter bracelets. A 17-cm bracelet is very small and, generally, most suitable for preteens or women whose wrists are extremely thin. If you are in doubt about which size to order, you should order the larger of the sizes you are considering.

What is the length of a Pandora bracelet?

The Pandora bracelet length range available is from 6.7 to 9.1 inches or 17cm to 23cm. The next decision is what material for the bracelet? Sterling silver is the most popular choice, but they are available in other metals including gold.

How do you make a Pandora bracelet?

1. Gently open the clasp. If your bracelet has a barrel clasp, insert your fingernail in the groove and gently twist to pop it open, or use the handy PANDORA clasp opener. 2. Then gently screw on your charm over the threading. Once it is over the thread, it will loosely slide into the non-threaded area.

How many charms fit on a Pandora leather bracelet?

Depending on the size of the charms you choose, your bracelet length, and how you want your PANDORA bracelet to fit, you can typically fit 17 to 22 charms. This number includes two clips and any spacers you pick.