How do I make a Word document accessible?

How do I make a Word document accessible?

How do I make a Word document accessible?

To make sure that your word document is accessible within Word you need to:

  1. Select the “File” tab in the main software ribbon and then select Info.
  2. Next, Check for Issues and then Check Accessibility.

What is accessibility Word?

Microsoft Word is a commonly-used application among individuals with a variety of disabilities, and is reasonably accessible. The text within Word documents can be read by assistive technologies such as screen readers and Braille devices.

Where is the accessibility in Word?

Click the “Review” tab on the ribbon. Click the “Check Accessibility” icon. (Or in the “Tools” menu, click “Check Accessibility.”) In the pane that appears beside your document, you see a list of accessibility issues.

How do I make a Word document accessible for multiple users?

How to Co-Edit a Document in Word 2016

  1. Save your Word document to OneDrive or a SharePoint Online.
  2. Click the Share button in Word and then enter one or more email addresses of people you want to share with.
  3. Set their permissions to “Can edit” (selected by default).

How do I fix accessibility issues in Word?

Use the Accessibility Checker

  1. In Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, select Review > Check Accessibility. In OneNote, select View > Check Accessibility.
  2. Review your results.
  3. Select a specific issue to see why you should fix the issue and steps to take to change the content.

What are the accessibility of documents?

An accessible document is a document created to be as easily readable by a sighted reader as a low vision or non-sighted reader. Making a document accessible is easiest when we are in the original stages of creating a document.

What is the accessibility checker in Word?

Running the Accessibility Checker in Microsoft Word is an essential step in ensuring a document is fully accessible. Using the Accessibility Checker, you can see what elements of your document need attention to make them accessible to all users.

How do I know if my Word document is 508 compliance?

The Accessibility Checker can be accessed at DAU with your Word document open, click File from the ribbon, click Info from the drop down menu on the left. Under Inspect Document click the drop down arrow Check for Issues then choose Check Accessibility.

Can you collaborate on a Word document?

With Office and OneDrive or SharePoint, multiple people can work together on a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, or PowerPoint presentation. When everyone is working at the same time, that’s called co-authoring.

What is the purpose of adding alternative text?

Alt Text helps people with visual impairments understand pictures and other graphical content. When someone uses a screen reader to view documents, they will hear Alt Text; without Alt Text, they will only know they’ve reached a picture without knowing what the picture shows.

How do I check a document for accessibility issues?

Use the Accessibility Checker tool to look for accessibility issues in your Office documents.

  1. Select File > Info.
  2. Select Check for Issues > Check Accessibility.
  3. In the Inspection Results, select an issue.
  4. In the Additional Information, review the How to Fix and make the needed changes to your document.