How do I prepare for the Keystone Exam?

How do I prepare for the Keystone Exam?

How do I prepare for the Keystone Exam?

These tips can help for PSSA and Keystone exam prep….Here are some additional tips to help you ace your exams:

  1. Eat a good breakfast. Start on a good note the day of the test by eating breakfast.
  2. Relax, don’t stress. Try to calm any worries you have about the tests.
  3. When you’re filling out your answers, be careful.

Are Keystone tests hard?

The exams are extremely difficult and confusing for students of any level. It is suspected that 50 to 70 percent of the students who took the Biology Keystone Exam will not meet the state requirements and have to retake the Exam later. Only 38.7 percent of students got proficient or advanced.

What is needed to pass keystones?

Keystone Composite Pathway: Earning a composite score of 4452 on the Algebra I, Literature, and Biology Keystone Exams (while achieving at least a proficient score on at least one of the three exams and no less than a basic score on the remaining two).

What grade levels take the Keystone Exams?

For several years, Pennsylvania has required that all schools administer the PSSA test to students in grades 3-8 and 11. Two years ago, Pennsylvania introduced a new set of assessments called the Keystone Exams in the areas of Biology, Algebra I, and Literature.

What happens if you fail the Keystone?

The District has no plans to enable students to earn credit for a course by examination. Q: What happens if a student is not proficient? Students who do not pass the Keystone Exam score must receive remedial instruction and must retake the Keystone Exam until a passing final course grade is achieved.

What is a passing Keystone score?

A composite score is the sum of the scale scores for the three Keystone Exams. A student must achieve at least a scale score of 1500 on any one exam in order to score proficient, with 4500 as the sum of three proficient scores.