How do you convert decimal to ZD?

How do you convert decimal to ZD?

How do you convert decimal to ZD?

SORT: How to convert packed decimal to zoned decimal (PD to ZD)

  1. You can use DFSORT’s INREC, OUTREC or OUTFIL OUTREC statements to do this kind of conversion.
  3. You can use the LENGTH parameter to specify the length you want DFSORT to use for the ZD field.

What is ZD Cobol?

A zoned decimal is a USAGE DISPLAY item where every digit is represented using one byte character, the corresponding ASCII or EBCDIC character is used for each digit.

What is PD in mainframe?

A packed decimal representation stores two decimal digits in one byte. A packed decimal representation stores decimal digits in each “nibble” of a byte (a byte is eight bits and a nibble is four bits). For example, on the mainframe the value 12,345 would be five (5) bytes in length (i.e. x’F1F2F3F4F5′).

What is FS in sort JCL?

FS is a format for the field if want to test for character numeric(‘0’-‘9’ inevery byte). PD is a format for the field if want to test for packed decimal numeric (0-9for all digits; F, D or C for the sign).

How does sort work in JCL?

JCL – Basic Sort Tricks

  1. A file has 100 records. The first 10 records need to be written to output file.
  2. Input file has one or more records for same employee number. Write unique records to output.
  3. Overwrite input record content.

What is packed decimal number?

A packed decimal representation stores decimal digits in each “nibble” of a byte. Each byte has two nibbles, and each nibble is indicated by a hexadecimal digit. For example, the value 15 is stored in two nibbles, using the hexadecimal digits 1 and 5. The sign indication is dependent on your operating environment.

How does comp3 store data?

COMP-3 can have a value not exceeding 18 decimal digits. COMP-3 data stored in memory higher to lower in the size of nibble (4 bits). i.e. The upper nibble stores the most significant digit and lower nibble stores the next digit and the upper nibble stores the next digit etc.

Can Comp-3 be converted to numeric?

You cannot move a COMP-3 variable to alphanumeric directly. It will not give a SOC7 error but will you give you a return code 12 stating that comp-3 and alphanumeric variables did not follow the move compatibility rule. 01 A1 PIC S9(4) COMP-3 VALUE 1234.

What is zoned decimal in sort?

A zoned decimal representation stores a decimal digit in the low order nibble of each byte. For all but the byte containing the sign, the high-order nibble is the numeric zone nibble (F on EBCDIC and 3 on ASCII). The sign can be merged into a byte with a digit, or it can be separate, depending on the representation.

Can you convert a binary file to a ZD format?

To change this to readable format, you need to convert these numbers into ZONED Decimal (ZD) format. This can be accomplished using SORT. Suppose your input file has first 4 bytes in Binary format and you want it in displayable format

How to convert a binary number to a decimal number?

How to convert binary to decimal. The decimal number is equal to the sum of binary digits (d n) times their power of 2 (2 n ): decimal = d0 ×2 0 + d1 ×2 1 + d2 ×2 2 +

How to convert numbers to different formats in sort?

S after the digits indicates a trailing sign DFSORT provides a set of 27 predefined mask to be used directly for formatting, these masks can be directly mentioned in the sort card like shown below You can convert data to its HEX or BI equivalent using the TRAN function in your sort card .

Can a file be converted to a zoned decimal in DFSORT?

There are might be instances when you need to convert the internal storage of a numeric filed , DFSORT allows you to accomplish this outside your program , lets look at the various options available. If you want a binary value to made readable , you can do so by converting it to an equivalent Zoned Decimal.