How do you drink brandy XO?

How do you drink brandy XO?

How do you drink brandy XO?

2. If It’s Old, Drink It Straight. “As soon as there is any depth or complexity with a cognac,” Desoblin says, “it should not be used in cocktails.” Save those pricey XO and hors d’age spirits for sipping. Aged brandies have very delicate and subtle notes, and he suggests having them without mixers, food or even cigars …

What mixes good with brandy?

What to Mix with Brandy

  • Coke. While this pairing might seem like a given, we have to mention it because the two go so well together.
  • Lemonade. Citrus perks up caramel-heavy brandies by drawing out fruity notes and creating an easy sipper for the summer months.
  • Champagne.
  • Sweet Tea.
  • Amaretto.

What can you mix with E&J XO?

The perfect mix From pre-game to after-party

  • Vanilla Cola.
  • Vanilla Root Beer.
  • E&J and Cola.
  • E&J and Ginger.
  • E&J Neat.
  • Brandy Collins.
  • Sidecar.
  • Brandy Old Fashioned.

What’s the best way to drink brandy?

How to Drink Brandy Straight

  1. Warm the glass in your palm.
  2. Swirl the liquid.
  3. Observe the color.
  4. Hold the glass at chest height.
  5. Hold the glass at chin height.
  6. Raise the glass to your nose.
  7. Take a small sip.
  8. Take larger sips.

What soft drink goes with brandy?

Dry ginger ale makes for an easy-drinking combination while enhancing the spirit’s fiery side. Three Barrels even goes well with cola or lemonade, ensuring its status as a universal crowd-pleasing brandy. Serve in your favourite glass and add ice for extra refreshment, especially in summer.

Can I mix brandy with coke?

Combine brandy, cola and Angostura in a collins glass containing a few ice cubes. Stir using a cinnamon stick. Garnish with apple slices.

Is E and J cognac?

E & J Cognac is unbelievably smooth and rich. Double distilled and aged in French oak casks that give the Cognac a great smooth finish. This item is available for Gift Wrap.