How do you get the Silver Knight Award?

How do you get the Silver Knight Award?

How do you get the Silver Knight Award?

The Silver Knight Awards program is open to 12th-grade students. Only students with strong records of service to their school and community should be nominated. Students in vocational and adult centers must be nominated by the public high school to which they would be assigned by residence.

What do Silver Knight winners get?

Each of the 30 winners receives a $2,000 scholarship from the Knight Foundation, a Silver Knight statue, an AAdvantage 25,000-mile travel certificate and the Silver Knight medallion presented by American Airlines. Another 90 seniors were named honorable mentions; they receive a plaque and $500.

What is a Silver Knight project?

The Silver Knight is a prestigious award given to graduating seniors with outstanding community service projects and excellent academic records. There are 15 categories; each school may nominate one student in each category.

Do Silver Knights Respawn?

Silver Knight Trivia & Notes The three Silver Knights in the room with paintings before Pontiff Sulyvahn do not respawn when killed. Despite wielding Silver Knight Straight Sword and Silver Knight Spear as seen in Dark Souls I, they cannot be obtained.

What weapons do Silver Knights use?

They wear the Silver Knight Set, use a Silver Knight Shield and wield either a Silver Knight Straight Sword, Silver Knight Spear, or Dragonslayer Greatbow. When faced at short range, the Dragonslayer Greatbowmen can switch to a sword and shield. Silver Knights are able to backstab the player.

How many hours do you need for silver knight?

Minimum Requirements: 3.2 unweighted GPA and a major service project (minimum 75 hours).

What is the Silver Knight Award?

The Silver Knight Awards, sponsored by The Miami Herald/El Nuevo Herald, recognize outstanding seniors who not only maintain good grades, but also unselfishly apply their special knowledge and talents through service to their school and community.