How do you get to Mauville?

How do you get to Mauville?

How do you get to Mauville?

After you drop off the Devon Goods in Slateport and go north through Route 110, you reach Mauville City, home to the next Gym.

Where is the 3 gym in Omega Ruby?

Route 117
This badge also allows Pokemon up to Level 40 obey you, including traded ones. With the third Gym Badge in hand, your next destination is Route 117 to the west.

Where do I go after Mauville gym?

Route 117 leads to Verdanturf Town to the west. From Verdanturf, you can reach Rusturf Tunnel, where you can now use Rock Smash to break the rocks that block the path there. This gives you a shortcut to Rustboro City. If you are ready to continue with the story, go north from Mauville City.

What do you do in Slateport city?

Market. In the southwest part of town, there is a market where you can get items if you know the move Secret Power, so be sure to come back when you get that move.

  • Pokémon Fan Club.
  • Name Rater.
  • Contest Hall.
  • Give the Devon Parts to Captain Stern.
  • Oceanic Museum.
  • Get Scouted for Contests.
  • Continue On.
  • Where is the Mauville power generator?

    New Mauville (Japanese: ニューキンセツ New Kinsetsu) is a power plant located underneath Mauville City in Hoenn. Due to its unique location, the complex can only be reached by Surfing from Route 110 east under the Seaside Cycling Road to a small island east of the overhead path.

    What gym is Mauville?

    The Mauville Gym (Japanese: キンセツジム Kinsetsu Gym) is the official Gym of Mauville City. It is based on Electric-type Pokémon. The Gym Leader is Wattson. Trainers who defeat him receive the Dynamo Badge.

    How do you beat wattson gym leader?

    Tips for beating Wattson Combusken’s Double Kick and Ember will hurt the pesky Magnemite and Magneton hard. Bring lots of Parlyz Heals: Being an Electric Gym, this should be a given. Pack an Electric resist: STAB Shock Wave hits HARD off of the Special Attacks of Magneton (120) and Manectric (105).