How do you get to the Channel Islands from England?

How do you get to the Channel Islands from England?

How do you get to the Channel Islands from England?

Ferries from England to the Channel Islands

  1. Poole to Guernsey Ferry. 3 hr.
  2. Poole to Jersey St Helier Ferry. 3 hr 55 min.
  3. Portsmouth to Guernsey Ferry. 4 crossings weekly.
  4. Portsmouth to Jersey St Helier Ferry. 4 crossings weekly. 8 hr.

Can you travel to the Channel Islands from England?

If you are arriving into the Channel Islands direct from the UK or Republic of Ireland, you do not need a passport but all visitors do require some form of photographic identification. If in doubt over acceptable forms of ID, please contact your carrier direct.

Which of the Channel Islands is closest to England?

Jersey, the biggest Channel Island at about 47 square miles, is 87 miles south of the UK and is considered the southernmost of the British Islands (the official designation – the “British Isles” being a literary and informal title). It is much closer to France than England at only 14 miles offshore.

Which Channel Islands are part of the UK?

There are three island territories within the British Isles that are known as Crown Dependencies; these are the Bailiwicks of Jersey and Guernsey which make up Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man. The Crown Dependencies are not part of the United Kingdom, but are self-governing possessions of the British Crown.

When should I go to the Channel Islands?

Summer and fall are considered peak seasons for snorkeling, diving, kayaking and swimming as ocean temperatures may reach 70 degrees, and you’ll find ocean visibility as deep as 100 feet. Most people visit the park starting from June through late September.

Which Channel island should I visit?

The best Channel Island to visit depends on how long you have & what you want to do/see. If you only have 1 day available then I’d recommend visiting Santa Cruz Island or Anacapa Island.

Do you need a passport to go from England to Guernsey?

Guernsey and Jersey are part of the CTA or Common Travel Area, which is included in the UK. In both destinations there is no requirement to carry a passport as there are no immigration controls in place, however a form of photographic identification is required.

What language is spoken in the Channel Islands?

The official languages are French and English, but English is gradually supplanting French. The language commonly used is English, but in the county districts of Jersey and Guernsey and throughout Sark some people also speak a Norman-French dialect.

Are the Channel Islands always British?

The islands are not part of the United Kingdom or European Union, but rather are possessions of the British Crown with independent administrations. While England lost mainland Normandy in 1204, the islands remained possessions of the Crown and were divided into the two bailiwicks later that century.