How do you measure a driveshaft pinion angle?

How do you measure a driveshaft pinion angle?

How do you measure a driveshaft pinion angle?

Place a spirit level protractor on the driveshaft about halfway between the transmission and the Differential. Read and record the angle shown on the protractor scale and note whether the driveshaft points up or down at the front. Record the angle as 3 degrees up or 2 degrees down,etc.

What should my driveshaft angle be?

1 to 3 degrees

How do you check the pinion angle on a Jeep JK?

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How do you set pinion angle?

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Do I need shock extenders with drop shocks?

You can run shock extenders/relocators with stock shocks. They would help on a 4″ drop, but aren’t needed. If you have a good replacement shock they aren’t needed on a 4″ drop. They are designed to give you a more progressive rate by fixing the angle and helps the shock work less which = better ride.

Are shock extenders good?

Shock extenders are the perfect compliment to any spacer lift. On a spacer lift you’re just repositioning the stock coils so you need to also reposition the stock shocks to match. If you go with a true full coil lift then properly done you would install new longer travel shocks to match the extended travel coils.

Do I need shock extenders for leveling kit?

Do I Need New Shocks? Not all leveling kits require new shocks. However, if your original shocks have 20,000 or more miles on them, you plan to take the vehicle off-road, or if you drive aggressively, you should consider new shocks mandatory with the installation of a suspension leveling kit.

How do you install shock extensions?

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Will shock extenders lift my truck?

Just the Little Lift You Need. With these extenders, you can lift your truck without sacrificing its stock ride quality. In fact, they work with your factory shocks, so there’s no need to replace them. The extenders work by adjusting your rear shocks to the correct angle needed when lifted 2 to 4 inches.

How do you install front shocks on a Chevy truck?

step 1: Remove the wheel (0:48) Loosen the lug nuts. Raise and secure the vehicle. step 2: Remove the shocks. ( 1:15) Jack up the control arm to alleviate tension from the shock. step 3: Install the new shocks. ( 4:15) Take the new shock and put the cushion and washers onto the end and put the shock into place.

What are the best shocks for a Chevy 2500hd?

5 Best Shocks for Silverado 2500HD ReviewedBilstein 5100. Bilstein 5100 Front 2-2.5″, Rear 0-1″ LiftBilstein 5100 SIA Bilstein 5100 Gas Shock Set for 2011-2018Rancho RS5000X. Rancho RS5000X Gas Shock Set 2001-2010 forBilstein 4600 Series. Rancho RS7370 RS7000MT.

How do you replace rear shocks on a truck?

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