How do you use predicated in a sentence?

How do you use predicated in a sentence?

How do you use predicated in a sentence?

The company’s $1.6 million budget was predicated on selling 10,000 subscriptions. It could not be; it was predicated on the business rate. Samuel Richardson’s Pamela is predicated on the need for a servant to resist the master’s will in some things. And yet the redemption of humanity is predicated on this failure.

Is predicated by?

predicate. To proclaim, to announce or assert publicly.

Can something be predicated?

be predicated on sth If an idea or argument is predicated on something, it depends on the existence or truth of this thing: The sales forecast is predicated on the assumption that the economy will grow by four percent.

What is predicated on the fact?

1. To base or establish (a statement or action, for example): I predicated my argument on the facts. 2. To state or affirm as an attribute or quality of something: The sermon predicated the perfectibility of humankind. 3.

What is the word predicated mean?

1a : something that is affirmed or denied of the subject in a proposition in logic. b : a term designating a property or relation. 2 : the part of a sentence or clause that expresses what is said of the subject and that usually consists of a verb with or without objects, complements, or adverbial modifiers. predicate.

What does it mean predicated upon?

to imply or connote. (foll by on or upon) to base or found (a proposition, argument, etc) logic. to assert or affirm (a property, characteristic, or condition) of the subject of a proposition. to make (a term, expression, etc) the predicate of a proposition.

What predated means?

: to prey on (something or someone) Animals predate other animals in nature, but that is hardly commensurate with a massive worldwide farming industry that breeds species purely for our purpose.—

What does Aristotle mean by predicated?

Predication emerged when ancient philosophers began exploring reality and the two entities that divide it: properties and the things that bear them. It was Aristotle who posited that the division between subject and predicate is fundamental and that there is no truth unless a property is “predicated of” something.

What’s the meaning of predication?

Predication, in logic, the attributing of characteristics to a subject to produce a meaningful statement combining verbal and nominal elements. The predication is formal if the subject necessarily entails (or excludes) the predicate; it is material if the entailment is contingent.

What is the synonym of predicate?

In this page you can discover 36 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for predicate, like: proclaim, imply, profess, verb, assert, underpin, part-of-speech, mean, transitive, predication and disjunctive.

How do you use the word predicate?

: the part of a sentence or clause that tells what is said about the subject “Rang” in “the doorbell rang” is the predicate. : completing the meaning of a linking verb “Sweet” in “the sugar is sweet” is a predicate adjective.

What is another word for predate?

In this page you can discover 11 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for predate, like: precede, postdate, , antedate, forego, forgo, , antecede, foredate, raven and prey.