How far apart do you plant Corokia Geentys green?

How far apart do you plant Corokia Geentys green?

How far apart do you plant Corokia Geentys green?

All Corokia are suitable for hedging. The spacing will depend on the height you require. For a low hedge of between 50cm – 1m we recommend you plant them 30cm apart. For a hedge of between 1m – 2m we recommend planting them 50cm apart.

How tall does Corokia grow?

A steady grower it can be clipped from heights of 30cm up to 2m. Plant at spacings of 30cm to 1m depending on the eventual height required. (Corokia cotoneaster) An interesting form with black stems and a silvery tinge. A smaller, compact form making it ideal for low hedges.

How fast does Corokia grow?

This plant is approximately two years old when it reaches the garden centre and over the next two years it will double in size growing to a height of 2 metres by 1 metre if desired.

Does Corokia grow in shade?

Corokia is a versatile shrub. It will perform well in most locations, ranging from coastal to inland. It prefers full sun, but will also do okay in shady positions. Most Corokia are particularly tolerant to windy positions and dry conditions.

Are Corokia berries poisonous?

laciniatum are also known as poroporo. These are two native shrubs usually found in lowland forest or scrub and sometimes in gardens. It is the unripe fruits of both these plants that have the reputation of being poisonous, “though they seem safe when ripe”, Dr Connor says.

Why are my Corokia dying?

If you’ve ruled out planting too deep, fertiliser, root teasing or failure to water adequately, then the most likely cause of sudden death in plants is root-rot disease. Root-rot disease is commonly caused by a fungus called Phytophthora which destroys the roots of plants.

How can I make my hedge grow thicker?

Formative pruning

  1. On planting, cut back leading shoots and side shoots by one-third, cutting to a well-placed bud.
  2. Repeat this in the second winter to prevent straggly growth and thicken up the hedge base.

Is Kowhai poisonous to humans?

All parts of the kowhai tree are toxic, with the seeds being most toxic to all stock and people.

How do you prune Corokia?

To keep your hedges looking dense and healthy, make sure to prune them on a regular basis. The top of the edge should taper slightly, so that its lower parts can still get sunlight. Trimming your corokia hedges once or twice a year would be great, too.

How do you propagate Corokia?

Creeping cotoneaster plants are best propagated through wood cuttings. If using green wood cuttings, root them in early summer, but wait till mid or late summer to root semi-ripe cuttings. Use a mixture of sand and peat to ensure proper growth.