How far can posi STRUTs span?

How far can posi STRUTs span?

How far can posi STRUTs span?

Extra long spans and large cantilevers can be provided, with the ability to support high loads. Spans up to 7.1m at 400mm depth can be achieved. Significant design improvement with minimal cost increases can be achieved with the Pryda Longreach (timber web) truss, by simply increasing its depth.

Can you cut posi strut?

PosiStruts® offer the following advantages over solid joists: Plumbing, electrical conduit and other services can be run between chords and webs. No drilling or notching required to accommodate services.

What is Posi strut?

Posi Struts are primarily used for second story floor joists. Posi Strut design is extremely flexible, they are light weight and provide easy installation. Posi struts used in a flat roof application take place of the expensive solid purlin method.

What is a posi strut beam?

Posi-STRUTs are a truly customised, totally engineered flooring or roofing system, which combines the versatility of timber with the strength of steel, and offering a wide range of real advantages and savings to the architect, engineer and builder. Posi-STRUT is available through MiTek accredited fabricators.

How wide are posi joists?

The typical chord width of a Posi-Joist is 72mm or 97mm wide making a Posi-Joist inherently stable. As a result a strongback brace is only required when the clear span of the Posi-Joist exceeds 4m.

What is a posi joist?

Posi joists, also known as metal web joists or open web joists, combine small timber section sizes with the strength of a steel web. They are used for a wide variety of projects but typically for timber frame housing developments or one-off self builds.

What is a girder truss?

What is a Girder Truss? Girder Trusses have a long, straight design. They have a top chord and a bottom chord separated by diagonal webs and vertical webs. Primarily, the role of a girder truss is to support other structural elements in the frame, such as traditional trusses, rafters or purlins.

What is a floor truss?

A floor truss consists of high quality 2 x 4 or 2 x 3 lumber, connected with metal plates. Because it uses single wood members as building blocks, there can be many variations on its design. There are many floor truss manufacturers across the country that mostly supply their local area.