How is Khruangbin pronounced?

How is Khruangbin pronounced?

How is Khruangbin pronounced?

Khruangbin (/ˈkrʌŋbɪn/ KRUNG-bin; Thai: [kʰrɯa̯ŋ˥˩. bin], เครื่องบิน) is an American musical trio from Houston, Texas.

Is Khruangbin Hispanic?

For those not familiar, Khruangbin (pronounced croo-ang-bin) translates to airplane in Thai. The band draws from many influences and sounds from across the globe but are originally from Houston, Texas.

Why do Khruangbin wear wigs?

In Khruangbin, she and Speer don Cleopatra-style wigs while drummer Donald “DJ” Johnson finds refuge behind the drum kit. “Part of the goal with the wigs was so that we could be recognizable one way on stage and then unrecognizable off stage,” Lee says. So the wigs and the stage costumes became a sort of armor.

Is Khruangbin popular?

Khruangbin pulls respectable numbers digitally—the band has 3.7 million monthly listeners on Spotify—but that’s 60 million fewer than the Weeknd, the most popular act on the streaming platform so far in 2020.

What does Khruangbin mean in English?

“Khruangbin,” Lee’s favorite Thai word, directly translates to “engine fly,” although the word is used in the same context as the English word “airplane.” “We were listening to a lot of sixties Thai funk when we started to play together,” says Lee about why they chose the now famously hard-to-pronounce name.

How do you pronounce the band name Diiv?

Let’s get this out of the way: It’s pronounced “dive.” Not to be confused with the Belgian industrial band which caused them to change their name, DIIV was formed in 2011 as the solo project of lead singer and guitarist Zachary Cole Smith.

Why is Khruangbin so good?

“Khruangbin is redefining the idea of what Texas music is.” Rather than thunderous drum solos, crunching power chords, and wailing vocals that have traditionally defined rock music, Khruangbin works with hushed tones, textured melodies, and mellow moods.

How would you describe Khruangbin?

LL: A Khruangbin is an airplane. Our bio says “engine fly”, which is the literal translation of the Thai word, and our favourite way of describing it. It’s an homage to the Thai rock/funk that inspired the formation of the band, and the airplane symbolizes the international set of influences that shaped our music.

Is Khruangbin cultural appropriation?

On Cultural Appropriation Khruangbin is often called a modern Thai Funk band that incorporates African and Far East elements to their music. This label got stuck to them and has been mentioned repeatedly, exposing them to questions about cultural appropriation. But there are crazy Thai bands that we know.

Where are Khruangbin from?

Houston, Texas, United States

What genre is Khruangbin?


What does Diiv stand for?

Dive, the atmospheric guitar-pop project of Beach Fossils member Zachary Cole Smith, have changed their name to DIIV. Smith said the change comes “out of respect” for “the original Dive,” a Belgian industrial band formed in the early 1990s by Dirk Ivens.

Who are the members of the band Khruangbin?

Khruangbin is an American musical trio from Houston, Texas, formed of Laura Lee on bass, Mark Speer on guitar, and Donald Ray “DJ” Johnson Jr. on drums.

When does the new Khruangbin album Come Out?

Khruangbin released the single Pelota from their album Mordechai June 16, 2020 along with a video directed by Hugo Rodrigues Rodriguiez written by Alvaro Sotomayor and produced by Glassworks Creative Studio via Dead Oceans. June 26, 2020 Khruangbin released their third studio album Mordechai.

When did Khruangbin learn to play the bass?

In 2009, Lee started to learn the bass with guidance from Speer. After playing for six months, she auditioned and got the gig to be the bassist for Yppah on his upcoming tour. Speer already had the gig as guitarist for Yppah and had encouraged Lee to audition.