How is Telemachus a hero?

How is Telemachus a hero?

How is Telemachus a hero?

Epic Hero. Telemachus is the hero because he sacrifices his safety to achieve his goal given to him by Athena. He helps eliminate the suitors and helps his father return home.

What is the hero’s journey in the Odyssey?

Taking place after the fall of Troy, the hero, Odysseus, is shipwrecked at sea with the gods against him. As he struggles to return home to Ithaca, he makes his journeys through many lands and overcomes many obstacles. Through a series of tests, Odysseus proves his strength and defeats the suitors.

What is the call to adventure in the Odyssey for Telemachus?

Hero’s Journey of Telemachus

The Call to Adventure Athena is disguised as Mentes, telling him his father is still alive
Refusal of the Call Suitors, elders, and Penelope do not want him to go
Supernatural Aid/Meeting the Mentor Athena gathers the boats, disguised as Telemachus

How long is Telemachus journey?

When Telemachus leaves Ithaca, Odysseus has already been away from home for 20 years. Telemachus only spends 1 year away from Ithaca on his search, but with the help of Athena, he and Odysseus end up returning to Ithaca at about the same time.

Who kills Telemachus?

Others relate that he was induced by Athena to marry Circe, and became by her the father of Latinus (Hygin. Fab. 127; comp. Telegonus), or that he married Cassiphone, a daughter of Circe, but in a quarrel with his mother-in-law he slew her, for which in his turn he was killed by Cassiphone (Tzetz.

Which God gives Odysseus the most trouble?

Poseidon, the god of the sea, is angry with Odysseus because of Odysseus’s treatment of Poseidon’s son, the cyclops Polyphemus. When Odysseus and his men land on Polyphemus’s island on their journey from Troy to Ithaca, Polyphemus eats a few of Odysseus’s crew and takes the rest of them prisoner.

What was Telemachus call to action?

Call to Adventure Telemachus is Called to Adventure by Athena when she tells Telemachus that his father may possibly be alive. This made Telemachus think about beginning the Journey. The Hero, Telemachus, has defeated the Shadow, and returned with the elixir, which is Odysseus.

What role does GREY eyed Athena play in Telemachus hero’s journey?

goddess of wisdom
In this story Athena, the gray-eyed goddess of wisdom, has taken on this role for both Odysseus and Telemachus. Athena was by Odysseus’ side as a guide for much of the beginning of his Journey. Athena also is a guide to Odysseus when he’s not even aware o…

Who did Telemachus marry?

According to later tradition, Telemachus married Circe (or Calypso) after Odysseus’ death.