How long does a Level 2 plumbing course take?

How long does a Level 2 plumbing course take?

How long does a Level 2 plumbing course take?

For eight weeks, on either a full or part-time basis, students will attend our fully equipped training centre for the first step of the NVQ Level 2 Plumbing Training Course. This section of their training will combine both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, teaching them the basics of the plumbing trade.

What can I do with a Level 2 plumbing qualification?

The NVQ Level 2 plumbing and heating qualification is designed for anyone who wants to become a plumber or domestic heating engineer. It provides all the basic domestic heating and plumbing training you need to start work in the industry.

What grades do you need for Level 2 plumbing?

You will need: Four GCSEs at grade 3 or above (D or above) or Plumbing – Level 1 and Functional Skills.

What is a Level 2 Technical Certificate?

The Level 2 Technical Certificate in Engineering is aimed at learners who are looking to start a career in the engineering-based manufacturing industry. Learners could progress into employment, onto an apprenticeship, or further their studies by taking other qualifications at level 3.

How much does a Level 2 plumbing course cost?

Duration & Cost The cost to achieve NVQ level 2 will be £1495.00 based on 2 site visits. If you have completed your level 2 Plumbing qualification with Able Skills, the cost will be £1295.00.

Can you work as a plumber with a level 2 diploma?

Most plumbers who do domestic work should be qualified to NVQ level 2 standard, which is roughly equivalent to an A level.

What is the highest level in plumbing?

master level
The highest level attainable for a plumber is the master level, or the licensed plumbing contractor. This level requires years of journey-level work and an additional exam.

What is a Level 3 Technical Diploma?

The Level 3 Cambridge Technical Extended Diploma is a full time 2 year course of study which will develop specialist knowledge, practical skills and understanding within a vocational area and gives you a qualification which is the equivalent to three A Levels. You can read more about vocational courses here.

How long does it take to get NVQ Level 2?

How long does it take to study an NVQ? There is no maximum time limit to complete an NVQ; it is designed to be taken at a pace that suits your needs. However, many learners take about one year to complete an NVQ at level 1 and 2, and around two years for an NVQ at level 3.