How long does it take to learn Western riding?

How long does it take to learn Western riding?

How long does it take to learn Western riding?

Where to start? It has been my experience that for people taking 1 riding lesson a week, it generally takes approximately 2 years to develop enough competence that you can safely to all the basics of horse care and riding on your own (e.g. catch, tie, lead, tack up, ride, go down the trail).

Can any horse ride Western?

Anyone can learn to ride Western style. Many people find it is easier than learning to ride with an ordinary English saddle as the design of the saddle offers more support, and the horse is trained to use smoother paces which are easier to sit to.

What is Western style horse riding?

Western-style involves steering with your saddle position, hips, and light reining on a horse’s neck (neck reining), whereas English style involves more close contact between the reins and a horse’s mouth. However, you should not ride Western on a horse that has been trained in the English style of riding.

What is the difference between English and Western riding?

The english saddle is smaller and lighter and designed to give the rider a closer contact with the horse’s back. In english riding, the rider takes a rein in each hand, whereas western riders take both reins in one hand, allowing the other hand to fall naturally at their side, or lay on their thigh.

Is it hard to learn horse riding?

Is Horseback Riding Difficult? So, while just sitting on a horse may appear easy, learning to ride well is just as difficult as learning to do any other sport well. The Topendsports website lists horseback riding as the 54th most demanding sport, based on 10 components of athleticism.

Can Western trained horse ride English?

Every western horse should be able to “ride English” in the sense of lighter, flocked saddles with thinner pads and direct reining of a snaffle. The usual starting of a western horse involves a transition from the snaffle to the curb, and direct reining to neck reining.

Is Western riding bad for horses?

No. Just no. Anyone in any style can ride an ill-fitting saddle, or ride badly, and harm a horse. But there is nothing about western riding that makes it harder on a horse than English.

Is Western easier than English?

English riding involves a bit more balance and coordination of the reins and legs, so riders may not feel immediately secure in the saddle. The larger Western saddle makes it easier for the beginner to sit comfortably and feel more secure.