How long is the Lemosho route?

How long is the Lemosho route?

How long is the Lemosho route?

around 70 kms
Lemosho route is around 70 kms or 42 miles whether you opt for the 7 or 8 day version. It joins up with the Machame Route between Shira and Barranco so the terrain is very similar.

How difficult is the Lemosho route?

How difficult is the Lemosho Route? The Lemosho Route is widely considered to be one of the easiest routes up Kilimanjaro. Hikers of all ages regularly reach the summit via the Lemosho Route, with a summit success rate of above 90% (on the 8-day variation).

How many km is the Lemosho route?

approximately 70 km
The Lemosho route is approximately 70 km/ 42 miles from gate to gate. It is designed for physically fit people with some hiking experience. However, we have many clients who tackle the route as their first real backpacking experience.

What is the easiest route up Kilimanjaro?

Marangu Route
The Marangu Route (also known as the ‘Coca Cola Route’) is the oldest and most established route on Kilimanjaro and used to be the most popular. It’s considered to be the easiest way up in terms of gradient and terrain. It is also the only route on the mountain that has huts to sleep in.

How much does it cost to climb Kili?

The prices for Kilimanjaro climbs vary wildly. To climb Kilimanjaro can cost you anything from $1000 to $4000 and above. (There are some operators advertising cheap Kilimanjaro climbs that cost below $1200.

How many km Kilimanjaro a day?

The full day is 12 – 14 hours of trekking and covers 11.2 miles/ 18.1km. 1,245m/ 4,084 feet up the mountain from Barafu or 1,095m/ 3,592 feet up from Kosovo Camp to the summit. You then have 2,795m/ 9,169 feet down hill all in the same day.

How much spending money do I need for Kilimanjaro?

The average cost to climb Kilimanjaro is $2000 to $6000, the price varies from cheap, budget operators to large Western travel agents selling outsourced climbs at an inflated price. There are various, unavoidable fixed costs to any tour operator and if a climb seems too cheap, you’ve got to ask yourself why.