How many episodes does Shugo Chara Doki have?

How many episodes does Shugo Chara Doki have?

How many episodes does Shugo Chara Doki have?

Several pieces of theme music are used over the course of the series—two opening themes by Shugo Chara Egg! and two closing themes by J-pop group Buono!….

List of Shugo Chara!! Doki— episodes
No. of episodes 51
Original network TV Tokyo, TV Aichi, TV Hokkaido, TV Osaka, TV Setouchi, TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting

Who has the embryo in Shugo Chara?

The Embryo is the item that motivates the first part of the story, as the Guardians and the Easter Company are out to find the Embryo in order to fulfill their own wishes. In Chapter 41 and Episode 102, the Embryo is revealed to be Hikaru’s Heart’s Egg.

Who is the boss of Easter Shugo Chara?

Hikaru Ichinomiya
Hikaru Ichinomiya (一宮 光, Ichinomiya Hikaru) is a Guardian Apprentice who transferred to Seiyo Academy. He was known as Gozen (御前, Gozen), “boss” in translation, until Chapter 40 of the manga, and Episode 101 of the anime….

Hikaru Ichinomiya
Age 8
Team Easter Company, Seiyo Academy students, Guardians apprentice

Why does Ikuto want the embryo?

His job is to find X eggs and destroy them so he can help Easter narrow down the search for the Embryo. However, Ikuto really wants the Embryo so that he can save himself from Easter and not be kept prisoner there forever.

What should I watch after Shugo Chara?

10 Must-Read Manga If You Love Shugo Chara!

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  5. 5 Alice Academy.
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  8. 8 Cardcaptor Sakura.

Is Shugo Chara a magical girl anime?

Shugo Chara!

Cover art of the first manga volume featuring Amu Hinamori.
しゅごキャラ! (Shugo Kyara!)
Genre Magical girl
Written by Peach-Pit