How many stores does Bing Lee have?

How many stores does Bing Lee have?

How many stores does Bing Lee have?

41 stores
Bing Lee is the largest privately held electrical retail business in New South Wales with 41 stores (13 franchised) and a turnover of about $490 million….Bing Lee.

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Does Bing Lee remove old washing machine?

Bing Lee offers two kinds of delivery service — ‘Drop Off Service’ or ‘Full Service Delivery’ — and the later offers the removal of your old appliances. With the purchasing of Full Service Delivery, Bing Lee will remove your old appliance, provided it is no greater in size or weight than the replacement product.

Does Bing Lee do trade in?

Bing Lee uses various delivery services including Australia Post, commercial couriers and dedicated Bing Lee delivery trucks. As noted above, Bing Lee does not offer delivery outside Australia, to Australian offshore territories or remote locations within Australia.

Does Bing Lee sell beds?

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Who owns Bing Lee?

Ken Lee
Bing Lee died in 1987, leaving his son, Ken Lee as sole owner and Ken remained Chairman of the Bing Lee company. By 1987, Bing Lee had expanded to 11 stores. There are now over 35 stores located throughout New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, as of 2007. The company now has over 700 employees.

Why did Bing Lee migrate to Australia?

He left his wife, son and daughter behind and arrived in Sydney in 1939 for an intended three-year sales tenure. Stranded in Australia as a result of World War II, Lee took various jobs in support of the Allied war effort. Back in China, his family struggled to survive the deprivations of war without him.

Do good guys take away old washing machine?

Do you remove old appliances? We offer a Premium Delivery service in most metropolitan areas and selected regional area. Premium delivery is available for large kitchen & laundry appliance, we deliver, unbox plus remove your old appliance including the packaging.

Does Bing Lee do photo printing?

Need to print digital photos? Bing Lee Online Photo Store is offering 6×4″ digital prints for ONLY 12c. Online digital photo printing has never been easier and you can get your digital prints delivered to your door or you can pick up in store. …

Does Bing Lee do zip pay?

Shop online & instore at Bing Lee with Zip Pay.

How long is the good guys warranty?

6 months
The Good Guys warrants that appliances repairs are covered by a repair warranty period of 6 months from the date of completion. This warranty applies to the repair itself, any parts and accessories replaced while carrying out repairs and labour required to repair your appliance by our assigned repairer.