How many SYNS are in a wagon wheel?

How many SYNS are in a wagon wheel?

How many SYNS are in a wagon wheel?

Had onion and pepper omelette for dinner which was totally ‘free’ except for the milk (which I took out of my daily allowance that I had left from list a) then had a jammy wagon wheel which is 5 syns for my pudding so I’m nicely full. Still got a splash of milk left for another cup of tea.

What is the diameter of a wagon wheel biscuit?

you might remember the Wagon Wheels of the 80s or before. Sometime during the 80s they saw their first reduction from a 79mm width to a 74mm width. Following this, they shrunk again sometime between their 2006 weight of 41g and today’s weight of 36g.

What are the ingredients in a wagon wheel?


  • Wheat Flour (with Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Niacin and Thiamin),
  • Chocolate Flavoured Coating (24%) (Sugar, Vegetable Fats (Palm, Sal, Shea), Cocoa Mass, Dried Whey (Milk), Emulsifiers (Soya Lecithin, E476)),
  • Mallow (22%) (Glucose Syrup, Gelling Agent (Beef Gelatine), Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid)),
  • Sugar,

What Flavour jam is in Wagon Wheels?

In Canada, Wagon Wheels were originally produced by McCormick’s, however they are now under the Dare Foods Limited name. They come in Original, Fudge, Choco Cherry, and Raspberry flavours. There have been many debates amongst fans of the biscuit about its size.

Why are wagon wheels so big?

The more rocks a wagon was likely to encounter, the larger the wheels needed to be. If a wagon wheel had a diameter of four feet, then it conceivably could get over rocks that are one foot in diameter. The wheels weren’t the only problem with wagon travel. The axles could break and the boards could loosen and crack.

Do wagon wheels contain jam?

One of the classics in The Complete Collection of Biscuit Types is most certainly cookies known as wagon wheels, made of two biscuits with marshmallow filling with a jam layer and covered in chocolate coating.

Did wagon wheels used to have jam in them?

Oh, and the original Wagon Wheel didn’t have any jam in it – simply marshmallow – but has evolved to have a layer of jam spread on the bottom biscuit, under the mallow filling.

Do wagon wheels contain gelatine?

I’m sure everyone knows Wagon Wheels aren’t vegan, but something that I only recently found out is that they’re not even vegetarian as the marshmallow layer contains gelatine. That’s why it’s so important to read the labels on the food we eat. You just have no idea what you might find hiding in there!

Do wagon wheels still exist?

Wagon wheels are a somewhat retro sweet snack which tie many people’s memories to their childhood. These are now produced by Burton’s Food in the UK, separated from the Weston family in 2000. When it comes to Canada, wagon wheels are produced by McCormick’s, now under Dare Foods Ltd.

What’s the best crisps to eat on slimming world?

Crisps Slimming World List

  • ALDI. Aldi Be Light Satin Crunch Crisps, Cheese & Onion (25g bag) – 5 Syns.
  • ASDA. ASDA Cheese Curls, Multipack, 17g bag – 4.5 syns.
  • BOOTS. Boots Delicious Olive & Balsamic Crisps (45g bag) – 11.5 Syns.
  • BURT’S.
  • CO-OP.
  • JACOB’S.