How many UCAS points is a BTEC?

How many UCAS points is a BTEC?

How many UCAS points is a BTEC?

BTEC and A Level UCAS points

Extended Diploma UCAS tariff points
D*DD 152
DDD 144
DDM 128
DMM 112

How many UCAS points is a DDD?

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BTEC Extended Diploma BTEC Diploma UCAS tariff points
DDD 144
DDM 128
DMM D*D* 112
D*D 104

How many UCAS points is DCC?

UCAS tariff points

Grade Tariff points
B 40
C 32
D 24
E 16

Can A-Level 3 BTEC get you into university?

Phil: “Yes, students with BTECs are able to apply to university (although they need to be level 3, i.e. A-Level equivalent.) Carol: “BTECs are awarded the same UCAS points as A-Levels, so do not stop students getting into university. In our experience universities do accept BTEC qualifications.

Are there any UCAS points for Level 3 BTEC?

The tables show the number of UCAS tariff-points Level 3 BTEC Nationals that will be awarded on applications for 2017 submissions onwards. A new UCAS tariff has been introduced for HE courses starting in 2017.

When do you get tariff points for UCAS?

UCAS Tariff tables Tariff points for entry to higher education from 2021 January 2021 . These Tariff points are used for applications submitted for the 2021 admissions cycle onwards (i.e. for students making applications from September 2020 for full-time courses starting from September 2021).

When do the new BTEC nationals come into effect?

UCAS will add the new BTEC Nationals (2016) to the Tariff, aligning them with the current BTEC Nationals (2010).

How many universities can you go to with BTEC?

Over 150 universities and higher education (HE) colleges offering degree courses accept BTECs; in 2013, the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) confirmed that the number of students entering HE with a combination of BTEC and A levels had increased nearly 4-fold in the previous 5 years.